QP Live: Liberals and Tories and their same old stories

Never forget about that orange door

Tom Mulcair revives an old adage

Adrian Wyld/CP

Adrian Wyld/CP

Over the weekend, Tom Mulcair invoked the old lament of the social democrat: Liberal, Tory, same old story. They may campaign as opposites, the saying goes, but they govern as twins. Reframed in the context of today’s election in Quebec: Liberal, Tory, neither leader has a vote. Stephen Harper? Nope. Justin Trudeau? Nope. Mulcair, for his part, maintains a primary residence in Jacques-Cartier, a riding on Montreal’s West Island, and already voted for incumbent Liberal MNA Geoffrey Kelley. He wants the rest of Canada to know that they can only trust him to do his part and vote for Canada.

The weekend audience was the NDP’s federal council, but Mulcair’s message inevitably found a broader audience.

The dastardly, uncommitted Liberal leader, he said, only lives in Ottawa. Trudeau’s people politely replied that the Liberal leader doesn’t have the benefit of a taxpayer-funded residence—Mulcair lives in Rockcliffe Park’s Stornoway—and Trudeau chose Ottawa to “be closer to his family.” That defence implies a measure of frugality, a hint that two residences is one too many for the Liberal leader and his growing clan.

Mulcair’s presumed rejoinder, hidden in plain sight in the same weekend speech: That sounds like a middle-class problem, but Trudeau doesn’t get the middle class. He’s not of the middle class, so how could he understand its problems? The heartless and forlorn Harper, Mulcair might say, can’t be trusted to protect kitchen tables anywhere, including those of modest income. The NDP’s conclusion: Mulcair, and only Mulcair, he who is both of and for the middle class, deserves our trust.

New Democrats have made a living on the same-old-story pitch for decades. They’ve formed government zero times. But this time…

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Never forget about that orange door

  1. Before Tom criticizes Trudeau about the middle class, he should be taking a walk in the snow, because from where I see it, Trudeau is about 15 points ahead of the dippers in the polls. Could the problem for the dippers be Tom ?

  2. The NDP make the same mistake every single time. They attack the Libs….to the benefit of the Cons….and yet it gets Dippers nowhere.

    Someone needs to have a long talk with them to explain who the enemy actually is.

  3. If Trudeau had kept a residence in QC as well as the one he now has in Ottawa[ the guy does have a young family] Tom would doubtless be all over him for that too. The ndp have been playing this tired old game of socialist one upmanship forever…give it a rest. It had resonance when Tommy was still around. Nowadays a good many ndp mps, including Mulcair, are about as authentically m/c has SH, or Justin…not IOWs.