QP replay: What’s the over/under on #duffytrial mentions?

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Adrian Wyld/CP

Adrian Wyld/CP

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The recap

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QP replay: What’s the over/under on #duffytrial mentions?

  1. The NDP using Kits Coast Guard as a fund raiser, there is more the Kits Coast Guard looking to be reopened.

  2. Cons must be getting bad feedback from the incursion in Syria, they wouldn’t attack opposition if they weren’t.

  3. Charlie Angus attacking Alberta today calling the ‘Oil Sands’, ‘Tar Sands’ in a presser today on CBC, no wonder the Alberta NDP don’t want Tom out there to help in the election.

  4. Its still a little rich of the dippers to go after the cons about misusing funds in the senate when they are in the same boat having 2.7 million reasons why.

  5. Cons again talking about how good they are with a surplus, what they don’t realize is the Grits balanced a budget with a lower dollar and higher interest rates than what it is today, or since the cons have been in office, and the Grits didn’t have to dump as many government assets as this government has, to get back in surplus, if you want to believe them. The Liberals are twice the financial stewards of the treasury than the cons. These guy spend more on themselves and Revlon makeup that they put back in taxpayers pockets.

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