QP Live: Parliament judges the NDP’s ethics

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Adrian Wyld/CP

Adrian Wyld/CP

Tom Mulcair’s NDP hates it, but they’ve been dragged into an ethics scandal. No matter their wrongdoing, real or imagined, the NDP is forced to endure the kind of parliamentary assault they’ve levelled against governments for the better part of 50 years. The latest allegations, related to the party’s satellite office in Montreal that may or may not have been funded inappropriately:

New documents obtained by CTV News suggest that parliamentary staffers, who are paid for by taxpayer dollars, may have worked on the November byelection in the Montreal riding of Bourassa.

Mulcair’s good luck is that he gets to ask the questions when parliamentarians assemble for Question Period. His bad luck is that anyone who’s not a New Democrat will do everything they can to remind the world that the NDP’s ethical record is, perhaps, maybe, after all these years, tarnished.

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QP Live: Parliament judges the NDP’s ethics

  1. Mulcair just proved he is a self important narcissistic hypocrite, just as crooked as the rest.

  2. I thought Mulcairs performance today nothing short of just an angry man rambling on and complaining that the other parties are against me, but failed to provide information that clears him of stealing taxpayer money.

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