QP Live: Pierre Poilievre won’t surrender

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Adrian Wyld/CP

Adrian Wyld/CP

New Democrats won’t let go of their desire to stymie the government’s attempt at electoral reform. Often, a two-week break such as that which the House of Commons just endured refreshes talking points on both sides of the chamber. Your typical issue has only a modest half-life, and everyone moves on unless or until a poll dictates another course of action.

This bill is different. This morning, the NDP renewed its effort to kill the bill’s undesirable clauses almost immediately. The Globe and Mail spent five editorials last week, and a refresher today, agreeing with the NDP. Elsewhere on the Globe‘s website, Democratic Reform Minister Pierre Poilievre restated his case for the legislation. “Canadians instinctively understand that these changes are reasonable and fair,” he wrote. “That is why they have not shared the critics’ hysteria.” Poilievre, the voice of a Conservative nation. Or something.

Who to watch

Pierre Poilievre will continue to defend his proposed electoral reform, despite consistent attacks from the opposition benches.

In the news

The Senate digs into a Conservative senator’s expenses. The PM warns against doing business with Russian companies.

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