QP Live: The unofficial veterans’ week winds down

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Most of the House’s first week back was concerned with veterans affairs. Today, expect more of the same, along with a smorgasbord of questions about many issues under the sun. On Fridays, when QP carries less heft than earlier in the week, MPs tend to ask a wider array of questions. Kick back, relax, and wrap up the week that witnessed the opposition’s first demand for a ministerial sacking. Veterans Affairs Minister Julian Fantino survived the week. He can only hope something preoccupies the House on Monday.

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The week winds down with more criticism of the government’s plans for veterans affairs. Minister Julian Fantino, whether or not he’s in the House, will be under the gun.




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QP Live: The unofficial veterans’ week winds down

  1. You can put this in the bank, the C B C will definitely be on the chopping block if the cons are re-elected in the next election. That will be Harpers legacy, to stifle Free Press.

    • On what planet is ditching a state broadcaster “stifling free press”? We don’t have a “free press” unless the government is paying for it?

      Also, where do you get the idea that the government has a plan to kill the CBC? Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see them do it. I just haven’t heard them say a single thing that makes me think they will.

      • A populist(your guy harper) government never operates with a plan. It just slashes and burns at will.