QP Live: Things might get silly

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Adrian Wyld/CP

Adrian Wyld/CP

Nigel Wright is headed back to his old stomping grounds at Onex, the private equity firm where he served as a managing director before accepting a gig in the Prime Minister’s Office that ended rather badly. The robocalls trial that pits ex-Tory staffer Michael Sona against the rest of his former party continues in Guelph, Ont. Elections Canada continues to investigate controversial NDP mailouts that may have broken the rules. What’s old is new in federal headlines.

Maclean’s is your home for the daily political theatre that is Question Period. If you’ve never watched, check out our primer. Today, QP runs from 2:15 p.m. until just past 3. We livestream and liveblog all the action.



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QP Live: Things might get silly

  1. Its ironic that the same people(veterans)who sacrificed there lives for Canadians and the athletes who represent our country are outside seeking the same respect as we are giving our athletes inside the HOC. It seems nobodies outside clapping the veterans for there true patriotic support. I find this display a complete hypocritical moment in our HOCs. The athletes should be outside clapping for the veterans, and supporting them, after all, if it wasn’t for these guys and gals(veterans)outside the HOCs today, they(athletes) would not be getting the support they enjoy today.

  2. The government don’t mind giving money to the athletes but they are less enthusiastic about veterans, I wonder why ?

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