QP Live: Cheating cheaters hate The Middle Class!

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Cheating was yesterday’s word of the day in the House of Commons.  As is his wont, NDP Leader Tom Mulcair pre-accused the government of that very indiscretion in some future election. Mulcair’s outburst didn’t do much for decorum in the chamber, nor did he advance the debate on electoral reform that’s held parliamentarians’ attention for so many weeks. But it did give a hint at which topics the NDP may pursue this afternoon.

Surely, after making such a show of things, the party won’t move off Democratic Reform Minister Pierre Poilievre’s bill to change Canada’s election laws—even if it is all a lost cause, as NDP MP Craig Scott partially admitted to a Hill Times reporter.

The Liberals are dead-set on setting several parliamentary records: most mentions of The Middle Class in a single Question Period; most consecutive questions about The Middle Class; and, importantly, most questions about The Middle Class between federal elections. Colleague John Geddes fact-checked Justin Trudeau’s grave claims about income trends, but nothing will stop the red corner from going for middle-income gold.

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Pierre Poilievre, on electoral reform. Various alleged abandoners of the middle class, on Liberal questions about the middle class.




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QP Live: Cheating cheaters hate The Middle Class!

  1. Anyone following question period today are all invited to a ” Great Big Picnic ” at Steve Harpers office, and their is a caveat, only if you vote conservative, paid for, by the Canadian taxpayers, and the 38% of children left hungry every day across the country can eat cake.

    • So now its the responsility of Canadian taxpayers to feed the children of deadbeat NDP parents………
      BTW – While we’re at it, we can drop all of the politicos from the free lunches as well.

      • YES !

      • Good one. As basically NDP is the other peoples money for nothing vote.

    • Mulcair has upped his mortgage 11 times on a 6 digit salary when at his age/salary he should be debt free. Says he has no economic sense at all. Add in divided loyalty issues, I don’t want a citizen of France to have access to my wallet.

      Not to mention NDP tax cheats that are still NDP members. Or that couple that double billed for the same Ottawa residence.

      So how are the NDP any better?

      Fact is none of these parties represnt the people who make this countyr work. Its all about getting other (our) productive peoples money towaste on their bailouts, buddy deals, waste, governemtn statism union bloat and corruptions.

      Not one party is for less waste, less bailouts, less inflated contracts, less union wage/benefit bloat, more product and less taxing government.

      As if they removed hidden taxes and lowered income taxes, we would employ more people as we would have more money to spend. And this added jobs comes without governemtn administration bloat.

      But I don’t see a less government option, only outcome is which set of back room buddies gets more of our money for nothing waste.

      Isn’t that Harper is good, its that the alternatives are worse. We do need better choices than a statism rigged ballot.

      • Im not a dipper, your friend said I was. I never said anything about deadbeat parents, I just said its a responsibility for our government to keep our on children from having to face hunger. so what your saying is there are no deadbeat parents among conservative voters ? Dream on. Im sure there are lots of con voters that don’t agree with people like you and your friend that you agree with..

  2. “Colleague John Geddes fact-checked Justin Trudeau’s grave claims about income trends, but nothing will stop the red corner from going for middle-income gold.”

    Yes, if you want The Economic Facts ™ you must consult the Randroid Geek Squad at Maclean’s and banish all other media sources, which are clearly pushing a political agenda…

    “- The growth in real average (after-tax, after-transfer) family income from 1976 to 2010 was the smallest in the middle-income group, at seven per cent

    “- The top quintile (top 20 per cent) saw their family income grow by 27 per cent during that time (average after-tax, after-transfer family income of $135,500), compared to 14 per cent for the second-highest quintile (after-tax family income of $73,500)”

    National Post: Income growth for Canadian middle-class families lags behind other groups: report

  3. “Colleague John Geddes fact-checked Justin Trudeau’s grave claims about income trends, but nothing will stop the red corner from going for middle-income gold.”

    Here are some more economic lies; this time from the Globe and Mail.

    If you want the economics facts, the bloggers at Maclean’s are the only reliable source on the planet. All others are tax and spend commies!

    “Canada’s middle-class is mortgaging its future to stay afloat, making the Canadian dream “a myth more than a reality.”

    “That’s the blunt assessment of an internal Conservative government report….

    ” “The wages of middle income workers have stagnated,” it says, referring to the period from 1993 to 2007.

    ” “Middle-income families are increasingly vulnerable to financial shocks.”

    Globe and Mail: Middle-class dreams a ‘myth’ in troubled economy: internal government report

    • The G&M is a shill for globalism. It wants Trudeau as the next PM therefore expect the G&M to back up everything Trudeau says.

      • And Macleans is a shill for the conservative party.

  4. Why is Tom still asking all the questions ? I know pandering to a live audience.

    • Justin’s teleprompter busted?

    • He is the Official Opposition – not Trudeau.

      • than he is no different than Harper, a one man show.