QP Live: Electoral reform or electoral fraud?

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Adrian Wyld/CP

Adrian Wyld/CP

Yesterday, Government House Leader Peter Van Loan stood in the chamber and talked about democracy. He was responding to Jim Karygiannis, a Liberal colleague, who was particularly concerned with ongoing social unrest in Venezuela. He wanted Canada to condemn the Maduro administration, presented a motion to that effect, and found little support in the House. NDP House Leader Nathan Cullen said Karygiannis had jumped the gun on what could be a unanimously supported motion. The parties, Cullen said, were still crafting agreeable wording.

Van Load then stood to reply for his side. “This is an issue the government cares about deeply in terms of allowing democracy to have a fighting chance,” he said. “Canada will speak much louder if we do indeed speak with unanimity, which I believe is possible.”

Fifteen minutes earlier, the government sounded a different tune on Ukraine. David Anderson, the parliamentary secretary for foreign affairs, explained why Canada’s delegation to Ukraine, led by Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird, would exclude the opposition. “We are sending people there who have been engaged in this issue, who treat it seriously, and they are standing with the Ukrainian people,” he said, citing Justin Trudeau’s flippant remarks about Russia’s involvement in the crisis and the NDP’s alleged inability to side with protesters.

Meanwhile, the House reached no unanimity about the Venezuelan unrest. Maybe someday. Maybe today.

Who to watch

Pierre Poilievre will continue to defend his electoral reform bill. Various Conservatives will continue to defend their attempts to support the middle class. Spoiler: They’ll talk about tax cuts.

In the news

Income splitting, and the Conservative Party’s apparent disagreement about the efficacy of the policy, continues to make headlines. The PM likes the idea.

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QP Live: Electoral reform or electoral fraud?

  1. There is only one way for the opposition parties to take down the harper government in 2015, and that’s with 3 words, Corruption, Credibility, or Ethics, Its Not The eCONomy, your wasting all your oxygen on softball questions that haper loves to try and hit home runs with. Before xmas, the opposition parties had the harper government on the ropes with corruption and ethics, now the opposition parties have allowed harper to get back to his corner for fresh air and water. Even harpers favorite conservative writers are starting to write puff pieces about him again.

  2. Question period is starting to look and sound just like question period again, Borrring ! All the con Trained Seals are back on message again, everyone has a script today.

  3. I’m amazed that the NDP would condemn Venezuala, where they practice exactly the type of socialism Mulcair’s party is so fond of. How do they square that circle?

    • Rick Omen has found his voice again. Where were you when Harper and his gang of lying, conniving, frauds were being taken to task regarding the senate scandal, spending $7G for pizza, and their plots behind the scene to circumvent a democratic process. you can call or accuse others of any name in the book, but the majority are waiting for 2015 to put a nail in your Dear Leader’s political coffin.

      • Whatever you said deludedrealitycop