QP Live: When Tom Mulcair showed emotion

Tom Mulcair’s NDP is taking heat for its satellite office in Montreal

Adrian Wyld/CP

Adrian Wyld/CP

The consensus is in: Tom Mulcair, the NDP leader, got angry and defensive and lashed out at innocent reporters on Parliament Hill. Mulcair’s performance included a total meltdown and an attack on media, and his old persona, Angry Tom, reared its bearded head. That’s Twitter’s conclusion.

Mulcair’s party is in the middle of a bunch of corrosive headlines about misusing parliamentary funds. The party claims to have opened a legitimate satellite office in Montreal that assisted constituency work of NDP MPs. The party claims it followed all the rules. The Liberals and Conservatives are skeptical, and they’re claiming the NDP office participated in partisan activity. House staff say they didn’t know the party employed people in a Montreal office. The NDP claims it never hid the workers. Presumably, at least some of the details will be sorted when Mulcair testifies at committee tomorrow. But it’s a mess.

Reporters asked about the mess during a scrum, and Mulcair got “testy” with the reporters. Maybe he has something to hide. Maybe not. But he got angry, an emotion a politician is only supposed to direct at terrorists, or enemies mutually agreed among all parties. Just not if he’s plain old frustrated.

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QP Live: When Tom Mulcair showed emotion

  1. I guess the ghosts of Jack Layton are starting to come back and bite the dippers in the derriere. No wonder Jack could go after Iggy for not being in the HOC, it was because Jack had the one up on use taxpayers money to be able to allow himself to spend more time in the HOC.

  2. No matter how serious this turns out to be, you can count on one thing. The Liberals will be the one’s hammering away at this the hardest. The conservatives will get in a few digs, but they won’t rag the bone.

    If NDP supporters get disgusted (and most won’t) who are they going to turn to?

    It won’t be the Conservatives.

    Cue: Justin Trudeau’s faux outrage……NOW

    • Mulcair still cant control his anger, and I don’t want an angry PM, we already have one now. It just goes to prove that ” Angry Tom ” can show up at any time, especially if his integrity is questioned.