QP Live: Tories hint at Northern Gateway approval

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Adrian Wyld/CP

Adrian Wyld/CP

Stephen Harper and Greg Rickford are hinting and hinting about the future of the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline. The Prime Minister told the House of Commons yesterday that the government would listen to “expert advice.” Rickford, the natural resources minister, told an American audience that Canada needs to find markets for its oil, those markets are in Asia, and they’re working with provincial and aboriginal counterparts to make something happen in British Columbia.

None of this will assuage the concerns on opposition benches. Of the various proposed pipelines, only one earns the ire of both the Liberals and NDP: Northern Gateway. The Liberals support the long-delayed Keystone XL project. The NDP opposes Keystone, but tentatively supports an east-west pipeline. With days remaining before the Tories approve or reject Northern Gateway, and all signs pointing to approval, the opposition should be gearing up for its final, dramatic chorus of disapproval.

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QP Live: Tories hint at Northern Gateway approval

  1. Northern Gateway and Energy East should both be approved.

    Add to that the Aquilini backed proposal.

    After the November mid term elections in the US the Keystone will be approved too.

  2. I’d only be surprised if Harp turned down Northern Gateway.

  3. Conservatives always seem to have a problem with using a balanced approach. Its either their way or nothing. Canada didn’t build its world reputation by being Ham Fisted all the time, it built its reputation on being fair and balanced with foreign countries, it learned to talk to people, not talk at them, but I feel this reputation is beginning slide slowly.

  4. A bird in the hand, is worth two in the bush.

  5. Even though agree that the dippers did push the envelope with the franking, I think the cons should back off from using too much salt to irritate the wound, the way its unfolding in the HOCs today, it dosnt make them look anymore attractive.

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