QP Live: Welcome to the spotlight, Marc Mayrand!

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Adrian Wyld/CP

Adrian Wyld/CP

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Marc Mayrand visited a parliamentary committee today and aired his grievances with the Fair Elections Act, the government’s attempt at electoral reform. Mayrand has some authority on the file. He’s Canada’s chief electoral officer. Pierre Poilievre, the democratic reform minister and ardent defender of the legislation, claims to have consulted Mayrand last year. Seems they disagree about what changes are best for the country’s election laws. Now, the NDP will do its best to turn Mayrand into a QP star.

Who to watch

Pierre Poilievre will continue to defend his proposed electoral reform. Gerry Ritz will take heat for prairie grain stuck on Canada’s clogged railways.

In the news

Hillary Clinton wouldn’t comment on Keystone XL. A watchdog warns of potential witch hunts targeting potential future parliamentary watchdogs.

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QP Live: Welcome to the spotlight, Marc Mayrand!

  1. If all the political news organizations can change their formats, then I say its time to get HD cameras installed in the HOC with robotic arms, so Canadians can finally see what really goes on inside ” our House ” paid for by our taxpaying dollars.

  2. Jim Flaherty is definitely on the sauce or some kind of drugs, he is talking like an impaired MP.