QP Live: When charges were laid after Lac-Mégantic

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Adrian Wyld/CP

Adrian Wyld/CP

Ten months after the Lac-Mégantic rail disaster, Quebec prosecutors laid charges against three employees of the Montreal, Maine and Atlantic Railway—as well as the company itself—face 47 counts of criminal negligence. Yesterday, Via Rail committed to a $10-million repair job on a stretch of east-coast railway. Those developments could thrust safety on the tracks, as well as service levels for prospective passengers, into the Question Period spotlight. But the opposition won’t easily be wrenched from the temporary foreign workers file, where they think alleged abuse of federal programs has the government on the ropes.

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QP Live: When charges were laid after Lac-Mégantic

  1. There will not be enough evidence to convict beyond a reasonable doubt.

    That chap who lives right by the train tracks on the other hand?

  2. The TFW program SHOULD be kept in the spotlight.

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