QP Live: When Romeo Dallaire announced his retirement

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Adrian Wyld/CP

Adrian Wyld/CP

Roméo Dallaire, the colonel-turned-senator whose command of an ill-fated attempt to quell the Rwandan genocide haunts him still, will retire next month. He won’t figure prominently in today’s Question Period, of course, though several MPs may pay tribute to him during members’ statements that precede the daily showdown. But Dallaire is so well-respected all over Parliament Hill that the news of his pending retirement no doubt gives MPs pause to reflect.

Since 2005, when Dallaire first took his seat in the Senate, he’s never hidden his struggles with post-traumatic stress disorder related to the genocide he witnessed 20 years ago. He says, however, that PTSD isn’t a factor in his resignation; rather, his humanitarian work overseas is pulling him away from the Red Chamber. “I’m leaving one job because I’ve got a more demanding job,” Dallaire told CP.

There’s one good bet, as Dallaire winds down his public service in Ottawa: Parliamentarians will universally wish him well.

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QP Live: When Romeo Dallaire announced his retirement

  1. Im not a patriot, but I still like, love my country, or whatever. I think its time to put this anthem thing out of its misery(nobody calls the Canadian military the Royal Canadian military anymore, everyone still calls it the Canadian military), it really looks and sounds terrible, its just another pandering tool. We hear our national anthems enough at sporting events, and we get enough shoved do our throats everyday by this government. To all MPs, give it a break.

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