The QP Clip: Convention snark on the House floor

The exchange you can’t miss from this afternoon’s Question Period.


Stephen Harper, on a good day, loves to poke fun at Justin Trudeau. The Prime Minister might be getting nervous about the Liberal leader’s consistent lead in the polls, but he’s never shy about outmaneuvering Trudeau in the House of Commons.

Today, during his opening round, Trudeau jabbed Harper about the party’s promise to implement income splitting when it achieved a budget surplus—a campaign pledge that may never be. Harper responded with a verbal slip, confusing the Liberals with the NDP. He covered for it, saying the Liberal convention last weekend had him all mixed up (clever one, PM! Take that, pinko Liberals!). Trudeau said of course the PM was confused; after all, he’s never been to an open convention. The PM said he’s also never left a convention by the back door. Benches howled all around. Later, Trudeau made a remark about how Harper should use the front door of the House of Commons, but the moment had passed, the PM smiling.

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The QP Clip: Convention snark on the House floor

  1. Cons actually think this sort of thing impresses people.

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  2. Maybe Harper has forgotten sneaking in the back door in February of 2010 to address the BC Legislature.

  3. Laura Payton makes a great point that after PMSH made these comments his staffers swarmed him and one of the short pant brigade actually yelled at her and others, reprimanding them for yelling questions to the PM. Payton said the staffer’s exact words were: “It’s bull-sht that you yelled a question at him”.

  4. Note how Justin has to literally read off of a piece of paper – “wit” written by a staffer – whereas Harper stands up in an obvious response and cuts him down.
    Note also how proud Justin looks at himself as he sits after reading the prepared script.
    Oh the election is going to be grand.

    • You know what I noticed? That Trudeau asked a perfectly reasonable question.
      Did Harper answer it or did Paul Callandra?

    • Cuts him down is about the size of it Biffer Boy…he doesn’t have anything else. I’ve watched the guy debate on a number of occasions and not once has he impressed. He always appears stiff and robotic. Last tme out he stared into the camera at the “people” like a freaking cyborg…my kid started to cry. My coffee grinder gives off more human warm and empathy. Don’t count on Harper clipping JT in debate. That’s an entirely different ball game than who’s the quickest cheap shot artist in the House. Harper only appears to do well there principally cuz he always gets the last word.
      Come debate time i expect both Mulcair and Lizzie to match up well against Harper.Trudeau will be an unknown quantity. I expect he got enough in at McGill to do ok.Mulcair with his legal training will be more of a threat to him than Harper.

      • So what kind of coffee grinder is it?

        • An old $8 one from the Sally Anne. It’s actually got a bit of character compared to the gleaming space ships people seem to own nowadays.
          Harper didn’t make my kid cry either. You’re blowing my narrative cover:)

          • The old ones have better blades (I’m referring to the grinders).

          • The bigger the blade the better the grind.

          • Gotta love the Sally Ann (Salvo’s in Australia) and Value Village for stuff with character!

            I bet your kid who cries plays with Paul Calandra’s daughters! LOL — cheers, kcm2!

          • She likes pizza a lot too.

  5. Harper doesn’t leave Conservative conventions by the back door – but he sure does with Parliament.

    • He doesn’t need to. As someone said on twitter – the press or any sort of criticism really, leave alone tough questions never stand a chance of breaking through the Harper goon squad at convention.

  6. Charlie boys comment got me thinking about what a difference there is between Harper the quipper in the House, where he’s surrounded by his gang of middle aged cheerleaders, and when we get to see him in debate where he doesn’t have the seals on a string. Most often outside the House, or under real pressure, the guy seems nervous, aloof, cold, distant, defensive and occasionally prickly.

    JT’s papa could play the House bully too when he wanted. Difference is what you saw in the House you got in debate too…by turns cold, cutting, clinically, even brutally logical and rational…warm and charming when the mood struck him. Harper’s always struck me as the classic bully – brave and confident when he has a loyal audience to cheer him on.

  7. The author must mean, Harper is never shy about ” trying ” to outmaneuver Trudeau. I thought Harper fell flat on his derriere, because he told another lie about the grits convention not being open and transparent(the cons convention was like fort knox). The only thing funny about the whole shemozzle, was watching the trained seals licking harpers boots by joining in, in a chorus of laughter.

  8. Wow, Harper’s backbench actually looks gleeful in their chimpanzee role, yelling “way to go, way to go” with huge smiles when Harper tries hurtling an insult. Do grown men and women actually like acting that way while claiming to work on behalf of Canadians? Pathetic.