The QP Clip: PM and Mulcair agree on Ukraine

The exchange you can’t miss from this afternoon’s Question Period


The House of Commons can transform into a room full of statesmen in a flash. This afternoon, NDP Leader Tom Mulcair asked the Prime Minister three questions about the Canadian response to Russia’s aggressive intervention in Ukraine. Mulcair was sombre and supportive of Stephen Harper’s moves so far. Ralph Goodale, the deputy leader who led for the Liberals, assumed a similar tone. Harper responded in kind, expressed appreciation for the opposition’s support, and reiterated the details of his conversations with Canada’s allies, including U.S. President Barack Obama. Harper even apologized to Mulcair rather sheepishly for arriving late to Question Period. Such politeness would normally have no place in the raucous chamber.

The leader’s rounds completed, the NDP’s Chris Charlton rose in her place. She had a question about electoral reform for Pierre Poilievre, and the House resumed a more traditional tone.

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The QP Clip: PM and Mulcair agree on Ukraine

  1. Senate scandal, voter fraud, Elections Canada…..oh look, a shiny balloon

    • gas plant scandals, orange, e-health…ohh look calories on menus

      • Is there some reason you can’t tell federal from provincial, or Libs from Cons?

    • Wait, you consider a Senate expenses scandal to be more important than a superpower invading and attempting to annex a portion of another nation?

      • Yup….because none of that is happening, and we couldn’t do anything about it anyway.

        Were you this upset when the US invaded Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Vietnam, Korea………? Or is it just Russians you dislike?

        • It’s quite evidently happening. And yes, I was considerably more upset than this when the US invaded Iraq. That set the precedent that superpowers could invade weaker nations with impunity to advance their own interests, when ever since WWII they’d had to at least pretend they were acting defensively (e.g., fabricated Gulf of Tonkin incident leading into Vietnam). Now, they don’t have to disguise anything. If they feel it’s in their interests to invade, then we’ve set the precedent that they can just go ahead and invade without consequences from the international community.

          And this is potentially even more dangerous, because Russia’s de facto annexed portions of neighbouring nations before (South Ossetia and Abkhazia in Georgia, in 2008). If they annex the Crimea – and their legislature has already passed a law saying that they can do so based only on a vote by the Crimean provincial legislature – it will be setting another extremely dangerous precedent. Ever since the end of World War II, the world has tried to uphold the principle that gaining territory through military force is illegitimate (Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian Territories is a rare exception where a country’s gotten away with it, and another situation that I find extremely troubling). If we let Russia do this, that principle goes out the window. We’ll have effectively stated that the international community will let a sufficiently powerful country do anything they want to their neighbours. That precedent puts the whole world in danger.

          • ‘ If we let Russia do this’?

            How do we stop them?

  2. Good on all sides for this. And thankfully Justin Trudeau wasn’t there to provide comic relief.

    • JT not there?? no wayyyyy. wonder what charity hes at

      • He’s at home.

    • au contraire, justine will provide the intellectual and moral leadership which is in such short supply under the present leadership. Just ask em.

  3. Mulcair has just gone down in my estimation because I have no idea what Harper has done in response to this situation that is in anyway positive?
    1: Withdrawing the Ambassador just makes us voiceless at a time when we could engage.
    2: Penning a strongly worded message of condemnation after withdrawing the person who should deliver it just makes us look incompetent and clueless.
    3: Passing a motion after nearly a decade of alienating nearly every non-US allied country and expecting anyone to take it seriously just reinforces how far we’ve slipped in the eyes of many.

    If Mulcair agrees with that then the NDP have no better an idea on global engagement than Harper and his seals, so will be just as useless if they gain office.

    • You forgot the million dollar shot(photo op) for Ted ” opee) ” Opitz for his run in the 2015 election with john “Sudeten line ” Baird(what an idiotic remark to make)strolling down some street in Ukraine, on the taxpayers dime. There seems to be an awful lot of these million dollar moments on the taxpayers dime from the gang who cant shoot straight(cons).

      • You’re right
        Are there any bigger lieing crooks than the modern Conservative Party?
        Ha silly me… the answer of course is no.

  4. Indeed this courtesy has no place. Measures should be taken to stop the aggressive intervention of Russia in Ukraine.



  5. You got a minute these guys are the best you couldn’t ask for better people in the Senate they are the coolest and most solid as people as soup sandwiches

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