The QP Clip: Jason Kenney can only smile

The exchange you can’t miss from this afternoon’s Question Period


Liberal MP John McCallum is finally sick and tired of Conservatives blaming Liberals for everything. If something goes wrong with a government program that predates the Tories, McCallum charged, they just pass the blame to a since-defeated government.

There’s some truth to the complaint. Check the record for “former Liberal government” and up pops a lengthy list of Tories with long memories. They make a past time of remembering the bad old days.

Today, McCallum attempted to put an end to all that. Take some ownership of ongoing abuse of temporary foreign workers programs, he urged, staring and pointing at Employment Minister Jason Kenney. “It’s nobody else’s mess!”

Kenney stood and chuckled. He mused about Liberals and New Democrats who have asked for exemptions for temporary foreign workers in their ridings. These private overtures were the subject of some debate earlier today. Kenney’s defence of his own work on the TFW file is just as obstinate as Democratic Reform Minister Pierre Poilievre’s defence of his planned electoral reform.

Big difference: the Tories sitting behind Kenney laugh and holler as the minister responds, more boisterous support than Poilievre expects when he rises on the Fair Elections Act.


The QP Clip: Jason Kenney can only smile

  1. That’s all I have to say to Kenny is, if you want to blame this mess on the liberals, well you had your choice and opportunity to scrap this program when you were elected in 2006, no you and the cons wouldn’t do that, you Mr. Kenny and the cons had to milk it, and suck whatever you could out of it to get re-elected ever since you came to power, and now you want the liberals to take the blame. If Harper and the cons want to continue to keep in place some of the past liberal policies, than there is no one else to blame only your government when things screw up. So get your facts strait before you start spouting your mouth off.

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