The QP Clip: Kenney cracks down on McDonald’s

The exchange you can’t miss from this afternoon’s Question Period


Jinny Sims rose with indignation. She recalled RBC’s attempt last year to outsource jobs and hire at least one temporary foreign worker. She mocked a mining company’s claim, also last year, that no Canadians were qualified to work on a B.C. site. She said the government’s standing by as unemployed Canadians are left hanging as companies replace them with foreigners.

Sims accused a McDonald’s franchise in Victoria of undertaking the same despicable practices, and claimed the feds were sitting on their hands.

Jason Kenney, to put it lightly, challenged that assertion. He reminded Sims that, when he was made aware of the offensive hires, he called an immediate investigation into the Victoria franchise and outright blacklisted the location. Kenney then spoke more broadly to Canada’s business community: respect the law, he said, or go to prison.

So continues the parliamentary squabble over who cares more about Canadian workers, and who rejects temporary foreign workers with the loudest voices.

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The QP Clip: Kenney cracks down on McDonald’s

  1. So how many have gone to prison?

    • Yes, indeed.

    • Exactly, and Kenney, the mastermind behind this “human-trafficking” which btw is illegal, should also be criminally charged. -he has undisputed full knowledge off all this.
      …and now he’s back-peedling as fast as he can.
      Not only for that, but for the fact that Kenney has closed the doors on sooo many, many Canadians (that were born here, …) and desperatley need Jobs. -that alone, should probably fall under “treason”?.

      The Cons have become absolutely pathetic.