The QP Clip: Megan Leslie on Loretta Saunders

The exchange you can’t miss from this afternoon’s Question Period


The House of Commons is so often a stage for pre-packaged theatrics and manufactured anger that, when it occurs, genuine emotion is a stunning sight. Today, in the wake of the death of Loretta Saunders, an aboriginal woman from Nova Scotia who was researching violence against women, the NDP insisted the government do more to address the plight of missing and murdered aboriginal women in Canada. Megan Leslie, the NDP deputy leader and Halifax MP, stood among her peers to repeat the call for an action plan.

Leslie kept her composure, but rarely does someone in the House wear grief on their face as they question the government. Status of Women Minister Kellie Leitch responded to each question with assurances that the government has spent millions on addressing violence against women. She urged the opposition to support those efforts, and went so far as to shame the parties opposite for voting against Tory budgets—jabs that, not surprisingly, prompted boisterous jeers from the NDP side. Not a banner day for Leitch.

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The QP Clip: Megan Leslie on Loretta Saunders

  1. Has Leitch ever had a banner day?

    There is a subset of MP’s scattered through all the parties with the intellect, experience, talent and judgement to make a real difference. When Leitch came in I though she had the right mix to be near the top of that list. Their are plenty of MP’s worse than Lietch but few more disappointing.

    • Although from the other side, I too thought her education, and deep compassionate life and death experience with real people would bring the Cons a leader.
      She’s been shallow and petty and mean just like the rest.

  2. I join Megan Leslie in mourning Loretta Saunders, in crying for her horrible death, not that our tears will help, but how to stop them? Given the research Loretta was undertaking, it is all the more poignant and should be a powerful poke to those of us who have become complacent in accepting that indigenous women are expendable. Kellie Lietch has been vile pretty much since she won her seat; like Chris Alexander, a person of great promise who shows increasing willingness to just play a partisan game instead of putting forward any work of substance.

  3. Good Lord, Kellie Leitch. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?

  4. When Li’l steve needs to throw candy or mud , Kellie is good to go ! Remember she was chosen , and not for her medical background or bedside manner . Lietch is a fine example of the “not ” that this Harper government shows .

  5. My gosh that was embarrassing. That’s like a slap in the face of the family. What is going on with the Conservatives? Have they lost their hearts?

    • How can they lose something they never possessed?

  6. Look, Saunders was most likely killed by two deadbeats who owed her rent. What does the fact that she was a woman or an aboriginal have to do with that? It was a tragedy, but the same kinds of horrible robberies and murders happen to men as well, and they are not mourned in the house of commons. And I doubt that any action from the federal government could have prevented it.

    • You seem to have missed the point: the unseemliness of a cabinet minister trying to score partisan political points of the murder of a young Canadian woman.

      • The way I read it, it was the other way around: the NDP trying to make political hay on a murder that, as has already been pointed out by someone else, had nothing to do with gender or race. This wasn’t your northern B.C. native woman hitchhiking along the highway of tears.

  7. Politicizing this crime by these MPs is disrespectful

    • Yep, and making it race based s self serving pure dysfunctional politicking.

      Why not more effort on ALL women and child abuses as it isn’t just a FN issue.

      But to NDP its about false perception, deception and BS for a vote. Not very constructive or they would have a lot less belligerence and a lot more constructive attitude. All NDP know how to do things is belligerence and prey on naive people.