The QP Clip: When in doubt, congratulate Quebec

The exchange you can’t miss from this afternoon’s Question Period


This afternoon, Pierre Poilievre’s one-man show in Question Period never materialized. That’s because his boss, the prime minister, took his seat in the House of Commons and dutifully defended his democratic reform minister. NDP Leader Tom Mulcair asked Stephen Harper, repeatedly, to account for Poilievre’s verbal savagery directed at Marc Mayrand, Elections Canada’s chief electoral officer, at a Senate committee earlier today.

In Harper’s first response, en francais, the PM preferred to avoid the question. Instead, he congratulated Quebec premier-elect Philippe Couillard for embarrassing the Parti Quebecois in yesterday’s provincial election. In his second response, in English, Harper again offered his congratulations to the new Liberal premier. He just didn’t care for the substance of Mulcair’s questions. Oh, the gall of it all, as the stubborn government plays for the cameras.

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The QP Clip: When in doubt, congratulate Quebec

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  2. How typical – and how shameful for a ‘supposed’ prime minister to pull these childish ignorant tricks in the House! Irreverence doesn’t even come close to describing the disdain he shows to Parliament and to Canadians every day, without fail. I’m sure that, like me, most Canadians are ashamed and embarrassed by his ridiculous posturing! No idea how this person lives with himself – or sleeps at night, knowing what he is doing to our beautiful country. Karma does have a way, and I dearly hope and pray it comes back, with full unabashed vengeance – to bite him. There will be no one that denies he asked – No, begged, for every bit of it.

    • > There is only one comment to be made after viewing this short clip of Question Period: shameful.
      > There was no relevance to the question in the Prime Minister’s response. They laugh at us, the People. When one’s house is on firs and a call is put out to the fire department we always get, well the fire department, we do not get a van in the front of the house with marsh mellows for the neighbours.
      > Well, maybe they can now insult the Elections Officer with impunity, but, come Elections 2015 we Canadians will have our turn and we will not be in a laughing mood.

  3. > This Government and its leader, Prime Minister Harper, clearly laugh at the people, constantly. We just are not part of their field of vision; actually, it appears that their long range field of vision does not extend further than the front of their shoes.
    > We will have our say in Election 2015, and it won’t be, “Well, sir, are you comfortable in this pair of shoes.” Rather, it will be more the following, “Excuse me sir, it looks as if you walking our of this store in your stocking feet. The creditors (read, The People) have just closed this store.”

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