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Rick Mercer on what’s to come in 2014: ‘Stephen Harper will resign’

The CBC’s ranter-in-chief predicts the Conservative Party’s future


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Rick Mercer is the creator and host of The Rick Mercer Report and is the author of the bestseller A Nation Worth Ranting About.

Stephen Harper will resign.

He will go on his own, he will not be pushed. He will, in an elegant statement, say the decision was personal and that he wishes to spend time with his family and future fellow board members of Encana. An important chapter in Canada’s political history will come to a close. Canadians will never see his like again; his rock piano will fall silent. A terrific leadership race will follow. All eyes will be on Jason Kenney, Peter MacKay, Rona Ambrose, Lisa Raitt, Michael Chong and Jim Prentice.

Jason Kenney will be the front-runner. Years of attending every ethnic cultural event in the nation will have paid off with adoring crowds at all appearances. When it is revealed that the omnipresent Sri Lankan gentlemen who throw rose petals at Kenney’s feet are unpaid interns from Canadians for Ethical Oil wearing full blackface, Kenney continues unfazed.

John Baird’s leadership will never properly take off. He and 12 wise men will meet for a two-day off-site strategy meeting at Canada’s official residence in Mexico. Once inside the residence, with hurricane shutters closed for privacy, he and his advisers will seem to lose all track of time and not emerge for the duration of the month-long campaign. The only sound coming from Team Baird during the race will be the ever-present thumping of Lady Gaga emanating from the luxury abode.

In a shocking turn of events, Jim Prentice will stumble immediately out of the gate. As Prentice left federal politics in 2010, the kids in short pants in the PMO have no idea who he is; most of them were in high school when he was in cabinet and so they have never heard of him. To these party commanders, he is viewed not only as an outsider but an interloper. They dismiss his candidacy with an original smackdown: “Jim who?” As the only leadership contender who has spent any time in the private sector, Prentice finds himself open to ridicule. Dimitri Soudas, working for Jason Kenney, delivers a death blow to Prentice when he says, “Private sector, folks! That’s all you need to know. He admits it! He admits it! You know what else is done in private? Shameful things!”

Renegade parliamentarian Michael Chong will form an exploratory committee for a leadership race but, after seven cars in his driveway explode in massive fireballs, he will determine he doesn’t have the support needed.

Rona Ambrose will be the first one to give up her leadership run. Halfway through the first all-candidates’ debate, it will dawn on her that she is the only one in attendance. Everyone is running a classic “front-runner campaign” and thus refusing to attend any event where they may have to answer questions. When asked whom she plans on endorsing, she punches a reporter from Global News. The entire thing is live-tweeted by Kady O’Malley.

Lisa Raitt will run an intelligent campaign focused on the issues of the day. She will be ignored. Peter MacKay positions himself as the man who can bring the party back to its progressive roots. He is booed loudly whenever he floats the idea. Surprise entry Bob Rae is never expected to win, but his candidacy entrenches his reputation as a political chameleon.

In a stunning example of how far the party has come on social issues, traditionally divisive issues such as gay rights will not be factors. Candidates will outdo each other to show how gay-positive they are. Not a day will go by without one of the candidates attending a gay marriage of some sort. Young men in MP offices all over Parliament Hill will be ordered to randomly marry each other so candidates can be seen attending their weddings.

In a Hail Mary pass, Tony Clement will divorce his wife of many decades and marry a 20-year-old roofer named Dwayne. The photo of Tony and Dwayne in their “gazebo of acceptance” will make all the front pages. It will fail to take him over the top. Jason Kenney will become the 23rd prime minister of Canada. He will dazzle the country in his acceptance speech while wearing a kimono and a simple Indian headdress.


Rick Mercer on what’s to come in 2014: ‘Stephen Harper will resign’

  1. Stephen Harper will not resign. He will reign over our
    nation like an undead king forever. To keep himself healthy and plump he will
    bathe each morning in a tub filled with warm bubbling tar from his oil fields. Oil
    industry yes men, meanwhile, will attend to him and dress him in robes of
    finery before he goes out to sit, alone, in the house of parliament, presiding over
    his nation. Stephen Harper will look young, and his hair will be raven black
    from drinking up tar, but inside he will be all dust and creaking bones. Inside
    he will be dry and his shriveled organs will rattle about like dried seeds.

    Stephen Harper will rule over us forever. He will never go away. He will see to it
    that nobody has a job because every institution in the country is wasteful, and
    all the people who live here are living in a culture of self-defeat. They will
    not be worthy of the jobs that don’t exist. He will put us, the entire nation,
    in prison and then contract foreign workers to guard us for pennies. Our
    grandchildren will be born in chains.

    Stephen Harper will never go away. He will hire sculptors to chisel the
    country into the shape of his profile so that aliens will know which land is
    his when they fly past. The aliens will hear the electric piano rock that
    blasts out from Stephen Harper’s Canadian Shield nostrils as they zoom by on
    their way to watch Celine Dion (one of their own) singing in Las Vegas.

    There will be no party leadership race.
    Do not kid yourself. Those other hopefuls will blow away like
    scraps of torn up lottery tickets and loose grain from the back of a pickup
    crossing the prairies at 200 kilometers per hour.

    Stephen Harper will not resign. Stephen Harper will never resign.

    • Pete:

      That’s a good one. I hope to see more of your work.

    • This comment was deleted.

      • Speaking of that……………

      • Thank you for responding to an entertaining post in the most boring way possible. It lends a real sense of balance to the discussion.

      • hmm, folks, looks like there are still a few, if dwindling and irrelevant, Harper supporters

        • Let’s see how that looks on you in the next election. We are still here!.

          • surely –it’s all in “Jest”—–Harper will run again & win!!!!! It’s not April fools day –yet!!! Mars

      • Ironically, I did write this at my Mother’s house. I am in the process of moving from Montreal to Victoria, and I am staying here over the holidays, en route. I do, however, have a job. As for growing up, I will leave it to our peers to decide whose maturity level is in fuller blossom right now.

        • Best of luck with the move. I consider myself lucky (and better-informed) for having lived in several very-different regions of Canada.

          • Me too Canada is great. I just hope common sense ignites and people take notice of the important issues in this country sooner than later…

        • Victoria! Wow, you’ll be bored and am not sure how welcome you’ll be.

          • If I take down my fiddle and rosin my bow, I’ll make myself welcome wherever I go.

          • My guess is Salty Pete will be welcomed with open arms ANYWHERE (except the PMO and Harper strongholds where his wit and sarcasm will fly right over everyone’s collective head.)

        • Pfft… don’t listen to Youknowwhat. I welcome you! So does the “Welcome to Victoria” banner written in flowers in the Inner Harbour.

        • Most Harper-haters are welcomes with open arms in Victoria :) Good move.

        • Girl crush on salty_pete!

          • Thanks!

        • Huzzah! We did exactly the same in 2010. We don’t miss the Montreal winters or language politics AT ALL.

    • thats all opposition has to do in 2015, is just keep the cons one seat less a majority and harper is toast. this is not iggy and dion harper is facing now. harper is facing a new generation of voters as well, and they will show up in 2015. That’s all Trudeau has to do with harper, is kill him with kindness all the time, and that’s what Trudeau is doing, it usually draws out ones humility, no matter how angry they may be.

      • Get rid of Harper? Great. Please though, have some sense. Do NOT help Justin Trudeau. But I forgot, he taught at a private school for one year and was a camp counselor. He’s totally qualified to lead a country!! What a joke…

        • So we keep Harper because the Cons believe no-one else is qualified? Qualified? Take Peter Mackay… please. The most incompetent cabinet minister of any era, any party. But, when His Imperial Majesty leaves, Petie will be first in line trumpeting his accomplishments. He almost bought jets, he nearly bought trucks, he was this close to getting repaired frigates, and who can forget his ever so close brush with getting new helicopters. Or perhaps, John Baird, who denies his own… um… preferences for political gain. Right, this has always been about who is best qualified.

        • I agree, get rid of harper ! the difference between Harper and Trudeau is, Trudeau is working as a team and harper is working as one man show, Hmm,one mans ideology(definition: dictatorship) against a team of knowledge. I’ll take the team with the knowledge and progressive thinkers any day.

        • And he still has more moral authority to run the country than a thieving election fraud like Harper.

          • Based on…? What? His last name? Again I’m not arguing Harper isn’t a scumbag, but Trudeau isn’t impressive at all.

          • Wake up and wait and see

    • God save our gracious King!
      Long live our noble King!
      God save the King!
      Send him victorious,
      Happy and glorious,
      Long to reign over us:
      God save The King!

      • hahahaha

    • Awesome.

    • Oh brother. Deepsville.

    • Very well written, but I can’t agree. The Conservative party wishes to remain in power. We will presented with a new talking head that they hope will pacify us for a few years at least.

      • They’ll need a leader like Christy Clark to have a chance, all about appearances but no substance.. But seriously, I’d bet dollars to timmy’s doughnuts that the next leader will be a media talking head of some sort, and if they can swing it, someone of ethnic minority. Reformacon right wingers with lots of radio practice have always been a perfect vessel for backwards policy and folksy babbelygook ad nauseum.

    • Don’t be silly! If Rick Mercer says Harper will resign, he’ll resign. Have you EVER known Mercer to be wrong?
      New PM will be Justin Trudeau, who will cross the floor to the Conservatives in July 2015 and lead the Cons to a landslide victory, 220 seats.

      Wait for it.

      • damorris:

        I remember at the end of a rant Mercer once said, “And that’s why the Liberal Party will rule forever!” He wuz wrong.

    • Harper’s dictatorship is coming to an end. He is losing more and more support in his own ranks,
      When he leaves, i hope the door closes hard enough for him to end up in Chine one way only.

    • Can I do his nails? I don’t care if he has athlete’s foot.

    • The Creation Museum of Canada will be displaying a lock of our Dear Leader’s hair and his collection of neo-Nazi memorabilia. Can’t wait!

    • Can I share this salty_pete? It’s too funny not to pass along. :)

      • Be my guest. I’m glad you liked it.


    • 322 votes as I write this.

      Salty Pete, I think you are going to set a Maclean’s record!

  2. Hey Mercer, a timer set to 15 minutes went off.

    • So that’s why the guy has been going strong for about 20 years?

  3. Brilliant and very funny, especially enjoyed the last line.

  4. Mercer’s way past his ‘best before date’ and only in Canada and at the CBC, using taxpayers dollars, would he still be on the air. Mainly because he is willing to bash Harper.

    • Reading your comment at work is a waste of MY taxpayer dollars!

    • another one of Harpers supporters – the most boring, the most ignorant and the most banal people in Canada

      • Generalize much?

        • Prove his point much?

          • Deepsville. With a retort like that, I have to admit you must be right about everything.

    • Really did you come up with that all on your own or did you ask another person in Canada before you came up with such a stupid statement

    • 1) Maybe Harper should stop giving him so much to bash. Just a wacky idea.

      2) Mercer’s been going strong for about 20 years.

      3) Most Canadians are on Mercer’s side.

  5. Well done, rick.
    Bob Rae .. I had almost forgotten the chameleon. His search to lead something … anything … may well get the better of him!

  6. The case of a civil servant ranting about his employer. Is the CBC biased and a friend of the Liberals? Do pigs fly?

    • No, pigs don’t fly.

      • Man, Western Guy should just make like a tree and GET OUT OF HERE.

        • What???

    • Because, of course, he has never mocked Liberals…

      • Harper supporters have a very thin skin

        I imagine its because they have been teased all their lives for being misanthropes

        • This is the truest thing ever written on the internet.

    • No conservatives do, all the way from Alberta

      • Although they do hire moving services for PEI to Kanata.

    • you havnt seen rex murphy lately, have you ?

    • Actually they’ve gone after the Liberals a lot too.

  7. This comment was deleted.

    • So that’s why he’s been going on strong, while the CBC has cancelled several other shows?

  8. This wasn’t funny at all. I hope this Mercer guy doesn’t quit his day job because he is no comedian.

    • This anonymous putdown wasn’t original at all. I hope this B guy is doing this at his day job because he is no Rex Murphy.

    • You misunderstand. Most of us agree with him but we are not laughing.

    • if its any consolation to you sharknado, the harper government will be cutting the C B C if they(cons) win the next election after 2015. if they(cons) would cut the postal corp. during xmas time, they(cons) will have no problem going postal on the C B C, and that will be a sad day for this country to loose one of the best news and entertainment organizations(bar none) in the world. I can almost guarantee the C B C is on the cons hit list for 2015.

    • What makes you think this was meant to be funny?

  9. What a scandal! This civil servant funded by Canadian taxpayers!!!

    • By the votes down I guess the votes wins

    • Your point…?

      BTW the real scandal is that our Prime Minister — who won by stealing the last election, I might add — is involved with several acts of fraud and bribery, and isn’t even doing that good a job of lying about it.

      • Hey Buddy, that was great, I had a real laugh on that one. Thanks again.

    • 1) This appears in Macleans, not on CBC
      2) I’m pretty sure RMR is produced by a separate company under contract to the CBC – which would mean Rick is not a CBC employee (which I assume is what you mean with your “civil servant” reference).

      You have to stretch credibility and squint really hard to see Rick as a civil servant.

  10. This comment was deleted.

    • He’s gay you idiot.

      • Well aware of that sir.

        • Obviously you aren’t.

          • You miss the point.

        • suuuuuuuure you are

          incredible ignorance, not so much though from a Harper supporter – then it is par for the course

          say hi to the boys in short pants

    • I think the Baird segment was more a dig at Baird’ s use of official residences for private use. And there is the irony of a leadership candidate who would have to know he would not be embraced by base supporters because of his lifestyle choices (even if it it the worst kept secret in Ottawa).

  11. In all honesty, this is a pretty disgusting article. Imagine Ezra Levant or Conrad Black writing an article joking about how George Smitherman will be too busy having a gay orgy in Mexico to file his nomination papers for the Toronto mayoral race. Still “funny”? Still acceptable by CBC standards?

    Rick Mercer isn’t funny, and his show wouldn’t be profitable or popular on any medium besides the CBC where they don’t need to worry about profitability. What’s another billion dollars from the taxpayer every year?

    The fact that this homophobic garbage is applauded in this scenario (when it is about conservatives) by all the Mercer fanboys and CBC enthusiasts shows who the REAL small-minded mouth-breathers in this country are. And no, its not conservatives, as the nitwits that occupy this comment section so often allege.

    • You do realize Mercer is gay, don’t you?

      • That doesn’t make it okay to suggest Mr. Baird (also a gay man) will be too busy having sex with 12 men in Mexico (with the shutters closed) to even launch a campaign. It is that kind of stereotypical joke regarding sexual promiscuity that gay men are taunted with routinely. Shame on Rick.

        • I think it may have been more of a comment on Baird ensuring he stays closeted while living a double standard abroad. And it didn’t say anything about sex — you went there, not Mercer — he seemed to joke that the “wise men” would be dancing. Don’t force your lurid fantasies onto the rest of us.

          • “Once inside the residence, with hurricane shutters closed for privacy, he and his advisers will seem to lose all track of time…”

            Don’t kid yourself, it is abundantly clear what Rick is implying.

          • only to Harper supporters with particularly dirty minds

            to the average person it is nothing of the sort

            I note though that clowns like you have an unhealthy obsession with sex and read sexual innuendo into everything

            are you some kind of diddler?

          • So… explain to me the joke, then.

          • You realize writers play with words to be clever and that Mercer is one of our wittiest comedians, right? Even your moniker suggests you are obsessed with sex (as sin, no less). Poor poor pitiful you.

          • You might want to read the news once in a while before beclowning yourself in the comments.

        • More right wing paranoia. A conspiracy between Marg Delahanty and Rick Mercer to pick on Baird. All of a sudden the right wing are the defenders of the gay community. What a joke.

      • There’s the Karma of Victimhood free pass.

      • You do realized portraying Harper as a pro-life antigay bigot hasn’t been relevant since 2007?

    • your bonus cheque will be ready for pickup at the PM’s office in a few hours

    • While I agree that this was a cheap shot at Baird’s purported sexuality, such concern trolling emanating from the spectrum that tries to deny equal rights to gays is somewhat nauseating.
      When a gay person attacks another purportedly gay person in those terms it is similar to black people using the n-word at each other and doesn’t quite carry the same stigma as an evangelical conservative whaka-loon declaring that all gays will burn in a fiery lake. If you weren’t from the same side that does this, your protestations might ring a little less hollow.

    • Neither Ezra Levant nor Conrad are comedians, even though I find both hilarious. They are shill for right wing blather. Rick Mercer is actually quite non-partisan. He discriminates equally towards the left and right. It’s just that the right gives him so much fodder to work with. C’mon, Harper’s a caricature of himself. Hilarious without dialogue.

    • lone(ly) conservative.

    • Rick is gay. His Baird comments are likely primarily aimed at Baird’s love of using Canadian consulates as his private vacation homes. The twelve wise men reference likely is a snide “Jesus complex” reference. The Lady Gaga comment is likely a shot not at Baird’s sexuality per se, but his need to keep it shuttered away because the party he loves won’t love him back if he admits he was born that way.

  12. Not Gazebo Tony, who used a $50-million fund for infrastructure to build gazebos, in his home riding. Please Tony, don’t go to the other side!

  13. Hits the Reform Clown Posse crowd right on the tip of their small minded pin heads for sure. Mercer is brilliant as usual.

  14. LOL sums up politics in Canada perfectly.

  15. 2014: The Final full year under Harper’s boots

  16. Mr Harper

    .Most Canadians are praying

    …. that you will resign

    and hoping the criminal investigations you are involved leads to you or at the least, your cohorts going to jail

    • I’m torn between wanting him to resign, and wanting to hear his concession speech to Trudeau.

      • I wish we could somehow have both.

  17. I see that the tax payer funded HBK posters who often frequent the National Post have flocked here…

    our dollars at work….

    HBK = Harper Butt Kissers

  18. Countdown to HBK turning this into a “Smear Trudeau” comment forum

  19. Name the only Canadian PM to be involved in numerous criminal investigations while in office

    • ‘King’ Steve Harper

  20. I’d laugh if no one wanted the job as Con leader.

  21. Wow. You’ve become as angry, bitter, and unfunny as Feschuk. I used to like your stuff. This is just sad.

    • sad is having Harper as PM

    • sad are those that still support this crook who cheated in the last three elections

  22. Jason Kenney is ecstatic about Harper resignation rumours


  23. Best one yet Rick my man. You are AWESOME!!!

  24. Good one, salty_pete. I agree. He will not leave unless he has to. Period. He’s got the power and he wants to keep it. The only way to get him out is to vote him out which means that the 40% of Canadians who were too jaded to vote last time, have to get over themselves and pick someone. If Stevie gets in again, they will be to blame. Even if they split the vote all over the place so that he gets in again, god forbid, he will be reduced to a minority which is better than nothing.

  25. Rick, you’ve become too self-centered (and forgetful) to be funny anymore.

    • your comment paid for by the committee to re-elect Stephen Harper

  26. Wow! Didn’t see that coming.

    Rick Mercer is a comic genius.

    I’d like to comment on the comments but I’m feeling a little drained now. Apparently we had it wrong about Alice Munro; it should have been the writer known as Salty Pete.

  27. I have no faith in Harper and I’m disgusted at all the Tory MP’s who endlessly follow the path of this crooked man. Grow a spine for God’s sake, refuse to let the House function and we’ll be rid of him as quick as that!

    • Are you new to politics?

  28. Harper doesn’t have to gut the CBC…Rogers has done that already. Well done.

  29. stfu mercer. i heard there axing useless cbc jobs again and ur name keeps poppin up

    • i hoap there sending the mone will be sent too liturcy programz

  30. Ya Full Of BS Again , Mercer You are just another Useless Easterer Liberal Parasite like the rest of them, siitng high on a tree Like a Vulcher , All Mouth and No Action the rest of the useless Eastereners. You just can t handle a prime minister from the west, well when Alberta Separates, you ll figure it out.

    • Nasty stuff. Heaven help us if someone like you ever gets into power.

    • Probably just execute his cabinet.

    • Vulcher (ˈvəl-chər) n. 1. One who vulches 2.One who has no sense of hewmer.

      • Remember, we’re talking state subsidized hewmer with a leftward slant. Funny to those in the tax funded trough, not so much to those who work for a living.

        • Or maybe I do “work for a living” (by which you mean in the private sector of course, since nobody in the public sector works and nobody in the private sector is lazy) and maybe you’re really good at assumptions but not so good at being right with them.

    • That satire of yours is a little over the top, eh?

    • “Easterer” – so? we like Easter – nothin wrong with that… and newsflash, little stevie was born in Toronto. LOL

    • Please go away forever, it’s people like you who are voting for the very people that are destroying our country. That’s all I have to say to you for now. Please go away forever.

    • Your boy Harper and your boy Clement seem to come from the East. Are you trying to tell us you come from the East but want East and West to quarrel? Looks that way you little agitator.

  31. Harper loses again,Canadians Would Rather Have A Beer With Trudeau


  32. Excellent Rick, as usual! we’ll be rid of these THuGS soon enough – I think RCMP are a lot closer to laying charges than we know…….. :-)

  33. CBC’s Mercer. Proof once again that a billion bucks a year doesn’t buy what it used to.

    • and that $500M annual gov’t subsidy to Peladeau and his toy company, Quebecor, has bought exactly nothing but division, misinformation AND ezra levant and his suntv fox thingy (a.k.a. harpervision).

  34. Rick Mercer in 2014 will swim to the surface of the taxpayer funded CBC trough where he has suckled comfortably for many a year, shed his left-lib bias, and then set off on his own to prove that his success is not reliant on taxpayer funded grants or subsidies of any kind. This is about as likely to happen, as Prime Minister Stephen Harper is likely to resign, much to the chagrin of Canada’s left-lib Canada Council grant bottom feeders.

  35. Thank you, Rick. This made me honestly ‘lol’ plenty of times.

    Mercer for PM!!

  36. Oh there is a Santa Claus!!! Hopefully he does it before TPP is ratified, the nail in Canada’s coffin.

  37. The word is Unphased! There is no ”f” in ”unphase”.

  38. Well done!

  39. Rick Mercer at his best!

    If, if only Harper would leave, but a man with an ego his size will never leave, he will go down in history as the greatest dictator Canada ever had, even surpassing Brian Mulroney. Having said that it will leave the Conservatives in even a greater mess than Brian left it in.

  40. Love it, Salty Pete!!!

  41. Many of the commenters on this piece need to lighten up a bit. Rick is one of Canada’s foremost satirists — look it up if you don’t know what that means. Sincerely, the Ottawa and Toronto LGBT communities

  42. By the comments that i can see so far, it looks like a bunch of died in wool CONS with blinders who are posting.
    Harper is selling CANADA piece by piece, open your eyes,,,,,,,,

  43. Bring on the 420 friendly Liberals.

  44. After all Harper has done he could at LEAST go down in flames for us at election time. We’ve earn that much…

    • He could blow up real good!

  45. Harper knows that he is the most loathed, unloved and despised Prime Minister in Canadian history and knowing this, will resign in lieu of suffering a humiliating defeat and slap in the face by the Canadian electorate.

    He will yet lie again to us and say it’s because of personal, family reasons.

    The man just makes my skin crawl. The sooner we see the back of this pathological manipulative, secretive, liar the better if fee and our nation will be.

  46. I think that Harper should resign immediately before he takes the party to worst shape than Mulroney did. Harper cannot blame drinking like Mulroney did, so it leaves us with believing that he has not enough brain to run his party and Canada. Trudeau is young and knowledgeable and he knows politic lot more than anyone in Ottawa. He will presumely make mistakes but you only learn in life from the mistakes you make. Yes it is time for Harper to say goodbye and find himself a 3th class band to practice his music

  47. Harper and ‘Pinkwashing’ is a
    deliberate strategy to conceal violations of basic human rights behind image of
    modernity signified by democratic gay life.

    “Pinkwashing” was perfected by
    apartheid Israel. Pinkwashing not only manipulates the hard-won
    gains of Israel’s
    gay community, but it also ignores the existence of Palestinian gay-rights




  48. watch for harper to release his new song “i won’t resign” sung to the tune of john mayer’s “i will be found” … the chorus will be “i won’t resign … i won’t resign … i’m doing fine … i won’t resign … until the cbc is gone … i’ll never admit i might be wrong … i won’t resign … i’m doing fine” …

  49. Are the three guys working the applause sign on his show still the hardest working CBC employees.

  50. Harper forgets George Santayana’s phrase “those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Prime Minister Pierre “God only had one child on December 25th I had 2” Trudeau outstayed his welcome and the natural governing party was destroyed for many years. Brian “what I have to pay taxes like the serfs” Mulroney left a party so beaten it required an act of parliament for his Conservatives to remain an official party after the election following his resignation. So Stephen “scandal what scandal” Harper will follow in their foot steps and leave to late. P.M.s should leave while there are goals left in the stick. History has shown that P.M.s who leave while their parties have reasonable numbers leaves a base for the new leader to build from and the party can succeed. Harper will not see this as it does not agree with his personal needs. He will stick it out until there is nothing but a pile of rubble to show where his party flourished. No leadership race.

  51. …and shortly after…a warrant was issued…and after a long trial paid by CDN taxpayers…he was given the choice of incarceration or exile …he chose Israel. – good riddance.

  52. Mercer can only hope that his ranting will come to pass. Funny man, yes, but is overly -obsessed with seeing conservative values plundered. Four more, Mr Harper.

    • Four more hands up your bottom?

      • The best reply possible from the left?? Sounds as though you need a different forum.

      • Such a classy reply. Well done Bocanut!

  53. In 2014 Rick’s show will be cancelled..

  54. What rot! What would be a set forward is to emasculate the PMO and return real authority to cabinet ministers and the caucus. But I agree that Jason Kenney would be a front runner when succession becomes an issue.

  55. Rick Mercer has an agenda.

  56. Classic!

  57. Many a true word spoke in jest

  58. Join the discussion…

  59. Why is hollinm’s comment “awaiting moderation”? While, IMO, it is essentially angry and humorless, it is in no way offensive and I object to its restriction.

  60. Just the usual Mercer rant supposedly disguised as ‘comedy’…

  61. who gives a Rats Ass?l

  62. Please resign PM Harper. You have done little in your seven years for our country, other than taking credit for the economy and much of it cannot be attributed to your cons/reform party action. It will take years to re-establish our international reputation that you and your colleagues have destroyed.

  63. Lol. No! Several Conservatives headed by Mr. Rathgeber will tie the PMO kids up in a barn and convince the whole western wing of the party to split. They will be the new federal Wild Rose Party. Kenney, in kimono and headdress, will be left with the remainder of conservatives and a large group of singing folk dancers in various national costumes, the Toronto gay pride parade and the Ford Nation. MacKay will renege on a deal with Kenney and help elect ….. Rob Ford! They will be the Wild Side Party.

  64. No Flaherty?

  65. The
    more the Harper minister’s open their mouths, the more Canadians realize that
    thee is no one in the party to replace Harper as leader. This is becoming a
    leaderless bunch with the worst one already at the top. Baird wants to jail
    those that speak the truth, Moore
    wants to keep children cold and hungry, Flaherty wants to wipe out the savings
    of Canadians for corps, Clement wants to use govt money for reelections and Nicholson
    wants to make all of us criminals in our own country. Harper just wants to
    lower wages and destroy worker’s rights for the corps and oil barons. What a
    country we once were. What a prison we’ve become.

  66. Rick:

    Love you..my wife loves you, my daughter and grand daughter loves you, We love you.

  67. For the publics safety we all request that you resign your position as MP. You, the Liberals and Conservatives are ruining this country. WE WANT NDP!

    It is in your best interest to resign as im sorry to say but only the old folks like you and they wont live forever. The younger generations want a country fit for our children to grow up in, like we had when we were young and its clear you cant provide that. You would much rather be greedy and start acting like Obama. My daughter deserves to grow up with someone decent in office not you.