Video: Can Rob Ford still get re-elected?

Adrian Lee on a new call for the mayor to resign and whether Ford has any hope for re-election


Toronto Mayor Rob Ford will make his return to city hall this afternoon, after seven weeks in an addictions treatment facility near Bracebridge, Ont.

Maclean’s writer Adrian Lee spoke to Breakfast Television’s Kevin Frankish about the mayor’s return, his real chance for re-election and mayoral candidate John Tory’s new call for Ford to resign.

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Video: Can Rob Ford still get re-elected?

  1. TWO ads to get to the clip? A bit of overkill, Rogers…

  2. If the media stopped this reporting on RF we in the rest of Canada wouldn’t have to put up with this crap everyday in the news, GIVE IT BREAK PLEASE, we don’t need this trash interrupting more important Canadian and international news.

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