Canadian Greenpeace activist arrives in Montreal; second to arrive soon -

Canadian Greenpeace activist arrives in Montreal; second to arrive soon

Two Canadians among those who’ve had their criminal cases closed


MONTREAL – A Canadian Greenpeace activist who was detained in Russia this fall says he’s glad to be back home.

Alexandre Paul arrived in Montreal today after three months of uncertainty — two of which were spent in jail.

Paul told a news conference at Montreal’s Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport that his spell in prison wasn’t the most joyous experience in his life but that he has no regrets.

Fellow Canadian activist Paul Ruzycki, of Port Colborne, Ont., is facing a slight delay in his own departure from Russia because his exit visa hasn’t been processed.

A spokesman for Greenpeace says Ruzycki is expected to arrive home soon.

The two Canadians were among 30 members of Greenpeace arrested at a September protest outside a Russian oil rig in the Arctic.

The activists had their cases closed this week under a recent amnesty passed by the Russian parliament.

They were originally charged with piracy when some of them attempted to scale an offshore drilling platform in the Arctic belonging to Russian state-owned natural gas giant Gazprom.

The decision to grant amnesty has been seen by many as part of an attempt by the Kremlin to dampen criticism of Russia’s human rights record ahead of the Winter Olympics in Sochi in February.

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Canadian Greenpeace activist arrives in Montreal; second to arrive soon

  1. Since Putin treats peaceful protesters like criminals Greenpeace should use the lesson they learned from the French government’s DGSE and just plant limpet mines on any Russian ships they encounter.

    • There is nothing peaceful about boarding ships on high seas and risking collisions that can kill people and cause a lot of damages.

      Russia should adopt its highly effective Somalia policy, take no prisoners. Somalia pirates see the Russian, India or Korean flags, they move away as they know they shoot to kill.

  2. No mention of the ship? Hopefully the Russians hold the ship until all the costs of the Greenpeace stupidity is paid for. As what Greenpeace did was endanger people and are just tree spiking cowards and hooligans.

    If Greenpeace was true green and not scare for profit, they would have after events like Japan and radioactivity but no other peoples money in it. CO2 isn’t killing us, as CO2 is a 100% recyclable product. Vegitation on earth is actually going down as far too much CO2 is trapped from past forests.

    Plants eat CO2. Nothing eats radioactivity and does well. Nothing eats Monanso chemicals and pesticides and does well. But hey, eco junk science and eco-scare sell for profit. Governments overlook this junk science and eco-fraud as it helps them tax people for energy.

    Its why only fools support high seas Greenpeace idiots.