Re: Rob Ford: We sent a sketch artist to cover the political circus

Here’s Toronto artist Sarah Lazarovic’s take on Rob Ford’s speech


Toronto Mayor Rob Ford addressed The Economic Club of Canada over lunch Thursday. Illustrator Sarah Lazarovic was there to sketch the wait—Ford was an hour late after he got stuck in an elevator—and the mayor’s eventual speech. Here’s what Fordnomics looked like.

I was going to steal one but I already have one!

These are business people. Time is money, no?

The media waits.

This is why I never leave home without a Larabar.

I always feel bad for organizers. Stressful in here!

Still no Ford, how about some drawings of the other reporters who are also waiting for Ford?

Ford arrives and says he was stuck in an elevator for 45 minutes. The speech begins.

Folks x4!

Folks x5, plus one friends!

Pop quiz.

And, Ford is finished speaking. Business people are better than fashion people, but still quite a lot of uneaten dessert.

I found it all a bit of a letdown. Nary an accent? But what did a paying customer think?


Re: Rob Ford: We sent a sketch artist to cover the political circus

  1. Awesome … keep ’em coming!

  2. Ford spotted at Steak Queen for liquid brunch, will be there shortly. Its his private time.

    • Film at eleven

  3. Awesome. Keep going. Love what you’re doing.

  4. From Rob: Brainstorming with Lisi between sips, Lisi says keep taxes down and you’re in for another term. That’s why I keep him around, among other things.

    • Yeah Lisi is his trusted friend, drug dealer and financial advisor. Maybe he can give Hudak some advice.

  5. Nicely done.Sounds like a lot of waiting for a 15 minute stump speech. I suppose getting something original together for the Economic Club would have eaten into his personal time.Would it be too much to ask for the service elevator at the Hilton to have a camera? Maybe some drawings of what might have happened in the 45 minute elevator delay are in order?

  6. Maybe he was on the phone helping Justin Beiber get his bail… and get some tips that might be beneficial in the future.

  7. Attention all elected officials. Good news! Rob Ford has officially redefined “private time” as being between 3:30 p.m. one day to 12:00 noon the following day. YOLO!

  8. More lines – isn’t that the problem?

  9. From Rob: I directed my staff to fact-check my original Economic Club speech and was surprised it contained no facts! I guess I’ll wing it! But not for long, pre-dinner aperitifs await.

  10. Lisi and Hudak gave Rob some invaluable help with his speech.

  11. Awesome.

  12. really enjoyed this. well done.

  13. I loved the water quote especially. water is indeed very very important to the city, although I’d add three extra very’s if it were my speech.

  14. too flattering

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