Saskatchewan’s Brad Wall wants plan for 25,000 refugees suspended

In letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall says he is concerned about fast-tracking refugee claims


REGINA – Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall wants the federal government to suspend its plan to bring in 25,000 Syrian refugees by the end of the year.

Wall says in a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that he is concerned about fast-tracking refugee claims.

He says doing so could severely undermine refugee screening.

The premier says Friday’s attacks in Paris are a reminder of what can happen when even a small number of dangerous individuals make their way into a country.

Walls says he would like Trudeau to re-evaluate the 25,000 goal and how the government plans to achieve it.

He says he realizes the refugee plan was promised by the Liberals in the federal election, but he thinks Canadians will understand if it is put on hold in the interests of security.


Saskatchewan’s Brad Wall wants plan for 25,000 refugees suspended

  1. Brad Wall still hasn’t learned to keep his religion to himself.

  2. If I am not mistaken, this sounds more like appeasement to ISIL than smart policy. Brad Wall is doing a favor for ISIL by asking Trudeau to hold back on the Refugees, just what ISIL wants to hear. Spread the FEAR Brad.

    • Appeasement has it right. And this from the right.
      Parisians aren’t running and hiding under the blankets in fear.
      Walk tall Brad; I thought you were one of those tough western guys.
      Seriously let’s trust our screeners to do a good job. We’re not some remote Greek island.

  3. Brad Wall is 100% right on this. Look what happened in Paris! Some of thoses terrorists were brought in as refugees. Trudeau should not cancel the airstrikes either. We can’t make all the other countries fight for our benefit.

    • There is no proof that some Paris terrorists were brought in as refugees. As far as we know now, 5 were born in France. One may have come through Greece but as a migrant. Those migrants are not defined as refugees (although some or many may be or will ultimately be) and have not been screened by UNHCR. The people who will come to Canada will likely come from refugee camps and will have been screened by UNHCR. They will also be investigated/screened by Canada. Many will likely have family in Canada and most if not all will not be single young men in their twenties or thirties. Please think before doing some fear mongering. Brad Wall should know better as well.

  4. This is Stephen Harper Deflection/Election Campaign part 2. Brad Wall has the makings of a major boondoggle building with the failed and money eating Carbon Capture project being exposed as a losing venture from the get go and this is his personal Niqab issue. He’s whistling to the hounds and making the entire province look Mississippi North.

    • I guess Wall is running for the leadership. No rush to declare but he can make noises.

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