The holes in Rob Ford's apology -

The holes in Rob Ford’s apology

The questions the mayor left unanswered — and why they’ll come back to haunt him


To gauge by the emotion in his voice, Rob Ford’s apology was heartfelt. He quavered, paused and, rhetorically speaking, staggered to the end into the arms of his brother Doug. “I’m the first one to admit I am not perfect,” the Toronto mayor told listeners of the weekend show the Fords’ host on Newstalk 1010. “I have made mistakes.”

All I can do right now is apologize for the mistakes. I sincerely, sincerely apologize to my family, to the citizens, the taxpayers of this great city, and to my colleagues on Toronto city council. Unfortunately, I cannot change the past. I can just move forward and learn from the past, which I assure you I am doing.

Hmm. Can you expand, Mr. Mayor, on that learning part?

I also know that to move forward, I have to make changes in my life, which I can assure you I will do. I love the work I do and I’m going to keep doing it. I want to keep working for the people of this city.

Ford, in case you’ve been in a deep-ocean submersible, was responding to news that police have recovered the infamous crack video that made worldwide headlines last spring. The clip, which was viewed by journalists from and the Toronto Star, shows the mayor smoking what appears to be crack cocaine while uttering racist and homophobic remarks. Ford had initially brushed aside the reports, saying he couldn’t comment on a video that “doesn’t exist or I haven’t seen.”

Well, now it appears to exist. And in an unexpected show of bravado, Ford himself called today on Police Chief Bill Blair to release the footage for all to see.

But there’s also the matter of police surveillance information released the same day news of the video came out. It paints a picture of the mayor as living the life of a delinquent teenager over the past few months—drinking in the woods, gulping vodka in school parking lots and generally consorting with folks of ill-repute.

So at this point of the mayor’s hotly anticipated statement, even true-believing Ford supporters might have hoped to hear exactly what about himself the mayor plans to change, and how he expects to do it. Is he checking into rehab? Attending a remote fishing camp, where he’ll be out of the reach of the likes of Sandro Lisi? Hiring Nanny McPhee?

They and the Ford-haters would wait in vain. What had been billed in the city’s media all morning as an “announcement” trailed off into the usual platitudes about loving the city of Toronto and wanting to “fight for the little guy.” Doug, who also sits on council, offered some peppy words to his brother, and then—to borrow the Ford boys’ idiom—we all moved forward.  Rob Ford is not resigning. He isn’t even saying he’ll taking a leave.

There was one more item of note. While thanking well-wishers for their messages of encouragement, the mayor did get around to admitting: “There’s no one to blame but myself and I take full responsibility for it.” This suggests the press will get at least brief respite from his claims of a vast media conspiracy fueled by “made-up stories.” That’ll be nice, though I wouldn’t bet on the truce lasting long.

As for this vague statement easing the pressure on Ford: forget it. It leaves too much open to question, and here’s my list for the full and exhaustive press conference the mayor should have held after today’s show:

  • For what, exactly, is he taking responsibility? Smoking (alleged) crack? Consorting with drug dealers and girlfriend-beaters? Lying to Torontonians about the existence of the video? Suggesting respected journalists are fabricating stories? There’s a lot Ford (and his brother) should be sorry for. It would help if he specified.
  • What about those “changes” Ford’s making? Is he fighting a substance abuse problem? If so, how does he plan to do that while remaining mayor?
  • If not, will he at least get himself a driver? Ford has refused a chauffeur on the grounds it would cost the taxpayer too much money. But if the surveillance information is accurate, he on more than one occasion drove after drinking. I think most taxpayers would pony up a penny or two to safeguard themselves from such people. UPDATE: The mayor confirmed during today’s show that he is in fact getting a driver, a move his brother lauded as a “positive change.”
  • Should we brace for more? Chief Blair revealed Thursday there is a second video, which the Toronto Star reports also features Ford. Blacked out portions of the surveillance information, meanwhile, suggest there’s much about the mayor’s movement over the past few weeks we don’t yet know.
  • Is Ford prepared to do something to repair the city’s international image? “Der bürgermeister das und crack-video,” hollered a Frankfurt newspaper on Friday—a summation of the fiasco that works as well in English as in German. How one undoes this sort of publicity I have no idea. But then, I’m not the one who created it. Rob Ford is.


The holes in Rob Ford’s apology

  1. “Respected journalists”. There’s an oxymoron if ever there was one.

    • Turns out they were telling the truth and doing their job all along….which is why they’re respected journalists.

      • Anyone who suggests that the folks at the Gawker are “respected journalists” needs to spend a bit more time there. Upskirt shots generate web traffic, but calling them “journalism” is a bit of a stretch. As for the Star, they were pursuing an agenda, which was to take down an ideological enemy. In that they are no different than Ruby and the rest. Fortunately for them, Ford is an easy target. Unfortunately for them, they still don’t get it: a plurality of the electorate in Toronto was willing to chose a buffoon like Ford over another leftist urban sophisticate like David Miller or George Smitherman.

        • The Star was doing it’s job. So was the Gawker blog for that matter.

          There are no political parties in Ontario municipal politics….and left/right died with the Cold War anyway…..Ford is simply a bad mayor.

          PS: And kindly don’t use the Mussolini excuse to defend him.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • Yes, in 1989…when the Berlin Wall came down….the Cold War ended. And with it any meaning to ‘left and right wing.’

            Ford is simply a bad mayor….why the right would want to claim him I don’t know. He a junkie. He has no discipline of any kind. He’s corrupt. He’s racist and sexist. What they used to call ‘white trash’. He’s a rich man that inherited everything he has. Is that what you call right wing these days?

            And as long as you don’t get bike lanes you’re happy with this??

            PS…Just because you haven’t heard of something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Mussolini was excused for his list of horrors supposedly because ‘he made the trains run on time’

          • Emily, anyone who claims that the end of the Cold War brought an end to the existence of the political right and left either has a conception of those terms shared with no one else on earth, or they’re smoking crack. That would make said person a “crackhead”. A “junkie” is a heroin addict.

            PS… Look up, and kindly tell me where in the thread above I’ve defended Rob Ford. Was it when I called him an “easy target”, a “buffoon” or a “joke”? Some defender.

            PPS…I’m familiar with that phrase. It’s given rise to the Mussolini fallacy, which I remember from a Formal Logic course many years ago. I’ve never heard of the Mussolini excuse (nor, I suspect, has anyone else) and I’m not sure what it has to do with anything I’ve said above about Rob Ford. Kindly enlighten me.

          • Give it a rest Timmy…there is no boogeyman under your bed

            Anyone on addictive drugs is a junkie….a crackhead does crack

            Yes there is a Mussolini excuse…it’s made by people who don’t know about Mussolini. No, he didn’t make the trains run on time….it was a joke even while he was alive.

          • No, Emmy, you give it a rest, and stop deflecting. You told me to stop using the “Mussolini excuse” to defend Ford, and yet I haven’t defended him at all. You’re either delusional, or you’re the least gifted internet troll I’ve encountered in a long while.

          • No, I warned you ahead of time not to use it…..a lot of Ford supporters do.

            Go chill

          • This comment was deleted.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • That kind of language is unacceptable in a mature dialog.

          • That kind of language is unacceptable even in an immature dialog, which Macleans often is. I think the appropriate consequence would be to ban him from the Macleans comment board. Even if he adopts a new profile, his inability to control his tongue will out him soon enough.

          • I’ll keep that in mind for the next time I’m involved in a mature dialog.

          • Which apparently won’t happen for a long time if you’re on one end of it.

          • With all due respect, do you REALLY think that the “fall” of the Berlin Wall ended the Cold War? That is the most naïve view possible. The so called Cold War will never end. Take it from someone who experienced both side of the fence personally

          • Yes…it did. It was symbolic. An ‘opening’ between two worlds, a breaking down of barriers….one world, one place to trade and do business. The USSR disappeared, people travelled freely, many places came out of isolation.

            The Cold War is over. Let it go.

          • I respect your feisty style however uninformed and naïve you are. You can call it whatever you want, but there will never be a One World Nation. It is human nature and like it or not we are carnivores. Besides there are too many of us and the distribution of wealth is uneven of course. Where did you get the idea that the “USSR disappeared”? They only laundering the loot they obtained through genocide and slavery and re-grouping to do more of the same under different propaganda. Why do you think the US and Russia needs to come to an agreement about Syria? Think about it.
            You seem to be one of those sadly ignorant (not your fault) people who actually believed that the other side of the Iron Curtain was just some other mystical exotic place. Let me tell you that place was the biggest slave keeping organization ever in the history of mankind. The worst part is when the Romans got their slaves from foreign countries, the communists just took their neighbors, friends and often even their relatives fathers, mothers, sons and daughters. I would advise you to study some real history before you make statements like you do.
            Do you know what is the biggest driver of World economy? I let you think and answer if you can.
            People do not travel freely. Don’t you read the papers or watch some TV? What about our two recent Canadian hostages’ ordeal? What planet are you living on?

          • a) don’t patronize

            b) don’t predict the future when you know nothing of the past.

            c) don’t be silly on here.

          • What do you know? Are you old enough to know? I think you are being patronizing like some know-it-all. Please look up recent history objectively and confirm what you said about opening between two worlds. I challenge you to seek the truth not just throwing neo-hippy slogans. I don’t predict the future. I just like to shed some light on the darkness covering the truth. And now, who is being silly? I went trough a revolution and four wars.

          • I am 67 and a global development analyst.

            Yes….I know.

            Next time ….find out first.

          • God save us all. You are a Global Analyst? What exactly do you analyze? How profitable it is to trade with China? Or the others who are using child labour and working -if they are alive- in despicable condition for $38/month? Where is your objectivism? You may be 67, but where were you born? What did your father do? Were you living in a good family? Was there a government with social services? I am open to discuss with you anything I know about, but if you were not there, you cannot possibly have the faintest idea what it was like on the other side of the Iron Curtain. Do you think the soviets were better than Hitler’s Germany? Not. They learned everything horrible from the genocidal maniacs like Lenin, Stalin all the way to Putin.
            I am eager to see your well founded response worthy of a Global Analyst.
            P.s you did not respond to my question about what is the biggest driver of the World’s economy

          • ‘Objectivism’? Another Ayn Rand groupie areya? Galt’s gang?

            Sorry, not interested.

            Tell ya what….you go on talking about ancient history, and proving yourself right……and the rest of us will move on.

          • Your self confidence founded on ignorance is the poison of our culture. Do you mean by “the rest of us” the whole World except me? I repeat: God save all of us of your kind! I already moved on.

          • Projection is a Con specialty….heal thyself.

          • Right back at you…enjoy the comfort of ignorance

          • It’s my field Grey…and I make an excellent living at it.

            I don’t play at pop quizzes with ideologically insane amateurs.

            Go impress someone at the coffee shop. Ciao.

          • What is your field Ms. Global Analyst? Who cares about your income? You just running your mouth because you obsessively have to have the last word. By the way you did not make a single valid point in this unfortunate encounter Ms. Global Analyst.

          • You are not discussing the topic here, you are just doing the usual sexist Con attack on me.

            I find it boring. So does everyone else.

          • Don’t flatter yourself I would not do any sexist attack on anybody. I only got into this exchange because of your mindboggling ignorance. And you call yourself a Global Analyst? And who asked you to speak for everyone else Ms. Global Analyst?

          • I said Ciao. Off you go.

          • After you My Lady

        • Drop the feigned outrage they were right and the elitist rich kid heir maggot is a liar and a scumbag who would lose to Chow in a heatbeat. Gawker is more journalist than Frod is mayor and the Toronto Star is a globally-recognized and respected newspaper. Did you whine about the Star’s ORNGE scandal investigative journalism? That’s what I thought. Stuff it, pal. Frod’s days are over like the Tea Bag bumper sticker slogan about the Liberal media conspiracy – every paper, left or right, has called for Frod’s resignation, along with 60 percent of the electorate, with another impressive percentage demanding at least a leave of absence. No one but Frod is responsible for his mess.

          • Outrage? I think it’s hilarious, personally. Kind of like a slow-motion train wreck. A fitting predicament for Canada’s most self-absorbed city.

    • “His Worship, Mayor Ford” — THERE’S an oxymoron if ever there was one.

      • This comment was deleted.

        • In fairness to a plurality of Toronto voters, Ford’s quirks weren’t as well known then as they are now. It’s far fetched to believe that he would have been elected if we knew then what we know now.

          • That’s true, although there were some pretty broad hints. The Florida incident from years ago, and the more recent Leafs game while he was a Councillor being two of them. What I find particularly troubling is the maintenance of faith among his supporters in the face of such gross misconduct. Some significant number of people, it seems, have very low standards for their politicians to meet.

          • Those look bad but they’re only the tip of the iceberg in hindsight.

    • They were right (telling the truth), Ford was wrong (lying, actually). What more do you want?

    • spoken like a true moron if there ever was one.

      • spoken like a true anonymous coward if there ever was one. Come back and chat after you grow a pair, capon.

        • That guy has many names, one for each account:
          tim hudakson, std dave, oliver bartholomew, and his real name ryan joseph sadler. His anonymous accounts are for throwing insults.

    • I fully agree

  2. Ford didn’t acknowledge one thing specifically. In my books that’s not an apology.

  3. “‘I’m the first one to admit I am not perfect,’ the Toronto mayor told listeners …”

    I think that quite a number of others were before him on this point.

    • Heh heh heh…

  4. I think he’s on crack.

  5. Speaking of which, will Maclean’s be apologizing for the months and months it spent making sneering accusations that the crack tape didn’t exist, and dissing those who pointed to it as evidence that Ford has serious character issues?

    • Just out of interest, who’re talking about?

  6. Here is hope for Rob Fords’s upcoming re-election.

    • Where do you live?

    • Where is hope? In the crack pipe, the vodka bottle or the homophobic, arrogant, detestable
      behaviour of this man? Elitist rich kid maggot — NoCon, I wish I could take the credit for that one. Too awesome and accurate…and very succinct.

  7. I, for one, have done things in the past for which I’ve had to apologize. Through my apologies I’ve tried to teach my kids that saying “Sorry” is only meaningful if it describes what I’m sorry about and if my apology is accompanied by clear descriptions of what concrete steps I will take to ensure that no such thing happens again. Only by describing those steps to them can they monitor my progress so that their belief and trust in me might be restored. Mayor Ford did little beyond saying “Sorry”.

  8. This comment was deleted.

    • This comment was deleted.

      • This comment was deleted.

        • If he uses crack, he’s a crackhead. Period.

          • This comment was deleted.

        • Crack can lead to both abnormal weight loss and abnormal weight gain…

        • Actually, rich crackheads who can afford to eat several pounds of fast food after a drug binge are not skinny…

    • So media scrutiny of elected officials is disrespect for voters? And all those who feel embarrassed and, yes, disrespected by Ford’s loutish and mendacious behavior can be dismissed as “liberals”?

      • Obviously not. That is not what I’m saying. What the media has done is way beyond “scrutiny”, and you know it. Lampooning him as a fat slob, cartoons of him in clown suits or wearing a dress, peeking through his windows, encroaching on his private space, etc. It would have never been tolerated if someone more elegant would have won the mayors job.

        I also wish him to be more polished, but that ultimately is not what is important for a politician. I will, however, never join a mob in tearing someone down because he does not fit aesthetically into your elitist club.

        • Rob Ford is a rich man

        • I guess I’ll have to admit to being an elitist, not because I find Mr. Ford aesthetically unpleasant but because I dislike his character and the company he keeps. And he’s not the first politician to be lampooned, nor (thankfully) will he be the last.

        • You have a point that Mayor Ford has garnered more than his fair share of public scrutiny. Mayor Ford’s trouble is that his publicity is mostly bad, and he has brought it all upon himself. The media follows news. They don’t make it. There is not a media conspiracy against Mayor Ford. There is intense media interest, because there’s intense public interest, and that’s because Mayor Ford has created one sad spectacle after another.

          Mayor Ford has shunned the media, one news organization after another. Because they can’t do their job at his office they are forced to find other ways like hanging about his home. I don’t know what lampooning you refer to, but cartoons should be expected by every public official. Peeking through windows hasn’t been done except in Mayor Ford’s imagination. If you truly believe that Marg Delahunty invaded his private space then you have no sense of humour.

          It’s not his immense physique that bothers intelligent people, it’s his immense stupidity. He’s demonstrated that time and time again, and we’re tired of it.

          • I am sorry, but I just don’t buy it. The media DOES make news. To debate that fact is, pardon me, ignorant.

            I thought Margs bit was hilarious, that is fair game. His reaction as well is fair to ridicule. But what is it about Ford that prompted a TV show to do it in the first place?

            This permissible and accepted paparazzism is not usually directed at city Mayors. I think it’s quite obvious the media created a “character” of our mayor that made him an easy target.

            There is indeed a conspiracy Ian. I have no idea why the anti-Ford legions are afraid to admit it. You hate him. Period. Own it and admit it.

            Just keep in mind, he was voted in. By the majority. And in all likelihood, will be voted in again.

        • Oh please. If he was tall and skinny and conducted himself the same way, he’d be lampooned as well. How sick I get of the politically correct need to not call it as we see it. Fords appetites are out of control. His family and supporters ought to be frightened at the bloated sight of this man, and not because he fails to fit an aesthetic. His alcoholism is written all over his puffy veiny red face. He is as out of control in his appetite for food and drink as in his choice of friends and associates. His life is in jeopardy and so is the reputation of the city he continually shames.

    • An uninformed opinion based on emotion and using language designed merely to stir the pot of negative energy. In my experience, and I have experience, the addict is not coddled. Nor is he/she kicked around as something less than human. The addict in recovery or treatment is, however, expected to assume responsibility for his or her actions and also to suffer the consequences of those actions. If Rob Ford is an addict, should we expect anything less?

      • Oh I get it. We are doing him a favour.

        And if he drops from a heart attack it won`t be because of all the stress and anxiety you folks heap on him, it will be because he`s fat and drinks and smokes crack. He`s damned if he does or does not. Namaste.

        • No, clearly you don’t get it. Metta.

    • Seriously, can people stop using the term “lynching” with Rob Ford? Do you people have any sense of historical context?

      • It’s a proverbial lynching. Don’t get hung up on semantics, son.
        If you have a better term, then by all means share it.

        • Reporting is the better term.
          Since Fordies seem to only think in Deco bumper sticker slogans “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time” “stay out of the kitchen if you can’t stand the heat” “it ain’t over till the fat man is led away in handcuffs”
          Ford caused the media scrum and by doing the only right thing…stepping away and dealing with his problem, he can make it go away but it’s disingenuous to whine about the press if you’re in the midst of a huge police investigation of your own making!

        • The term I would use is “journalism”.

  9. This is sad. It is clear Ford doesn’t believe he has a problem. The pressure on him is going to intensify from the press, the public, the police, his colleagues. It is now well established how Ford copes with pressure. Ford won’t resign but he is also not likely to make to the end of his term.

    Of the 3 addicts in the famous picture, one is dead, one in prison, one is working on which option is right for him.

    • Right – there’s a difference between admitting you’ve done things you regret and acknowledging that you have a problem. Regardless, the idea that he’s just made some bad – but isolated – choices is going to be an increasingly tough sell.

  10. UPDATE: The mayor confirmed during today’s show that he is in fact
    getting a driver, a move his brother lauded as a “positive change.”

    Wait till you find out it’s Doug who’s DD.

    ““Der bürgermeister das und crack-video,” hollered a Frankfurt newspaper on Friday—a summation of the fiasco that works as well in English as in German.”

    Does it ever. You have my profound sympathies Toronto.

    • Torontonians do not deserve sympathy. They are the creators of their own problem.

      • Maybe so, glad they aren’t mine then.

  11. I, for one, accept Rob Frod’s apology because I can absolutely relate to him. After years and years of effort, failures, and hard fought battles I can honestly say that I cannot, like the mayor, travel back in time to change the past.

    • Of course we cannot change the past. We might have changed our futures back when it was still possible. Mayor Ford might have too, but instead he compounded his mistakes. All we can possibly control is the future, and we have very little control over that.

      Mayor Ford’s statements today offer little hope that he sincerely wants to change his path to the future, only the amount of trouble he gets into on the way through it.

      • What do we want?
        TIME TRAVEL!
        When do we want it?

  12. Ford wants the video released because he wants to see the video himself so that he knows what lies he can get away with. Without seeing the video first he does not have confidence to claim he was smoking just tobacco. He doesn’t know how much the video shows.

    • I disagree. He knows very well that neither Blair nor any other official can release the video as long as it is potential evidence in a criminal trial. This was mere bluster aimed at shoring up the conspiracy theories – another indication that he has not in fact taken any responsibility for his misdeeds but will continue to portray himself as a victim of nasty politics.

      • i am pretty sure his lawyers can demand a copy from the Crown and then if he chooses he could make it available – it might be skirting the rules and it isn’t often done, but I doubt there’d be consequences.

        (if this is not the case I am willing to accept authoritative materials on what the actual procedure is).

        • This was discussed on CTV earlier tonight. If he were charged with a crime, his lawyers would receive the video in disclosure, but making it public could lead to results not necessarily favorable to their client. In any case, Chief Blair is in no position to call Ford’s bluff.

        • I understood it slightly differently. The police must deliver all evidence they have only to the Crown. The Crown might collect additional evidence from wherever they choose, but they must disclose all evidence to the Defense. The Defense may publicly release any evidence they choose, including what they may have collected themselves, but it’s probably in their best interest to release none. as far as I understand until Mayor Ford is charged with a crime his Defense lawyer can’t demand anything.

          • I had indeed forgotten it was Lisi and not Ford who had been charged. it would seem odd for an uncharged third party to be able to make a disclosure demand.

            I’m back to being unsure but I’m now leaning heavily towards Ford can’t get the video.

        • My understanding is that the police have no legal basis to release the video as it is evidence in a criminal action. His lawyers could request a copy if he were the one charged with a crime. As it stands, he isn’t the one facing charges, it’s his buddy Sandro Lisi. Maybe his lawyer should ask for a copy from Lisi’s lawyer :-)

  13. This radio broadcast was nothing but a cover up.
    Nothing was really answered other than a few minor questions.
    Totally unacceptable.

  14. Riddle: what do Edsel and Rob have in common?

    • Twin sons of different mothers?

      • Pretty good.

        In fact, that’s actually better than the response most Ford drones could invent, and the rest would never figure out its logical impossibility.

        Congratulations! You’re hired. You now have a job in Robbie’s office. Pick whichever desk you want. There are lots of vacant ones from which to choose.

        • Ha! I want the corner office, but I don’t want to have to move to Toronto!

          • S’OK…you can work out of your mom’s basement, like most of Robbie’s friends.

          • I grew up in my mom’s basement. That place is a mess!

          • So is Robbie’s entire staff. You’re a perfect fit. When can you start?

          • As soon as Hercules has cleaned out the stable. He can start with Ford’s little house of Halloween horrors.

  15. The gumball didn’t really say anything. He couldn’t say anything because if he actually fessed-up it would have been at the expense of frank admissions which would amount to self incriminating statements. So instead, he acknowledged absolutely nothing specific in order to imply that he may have made a few mistakes but really not errors that were serious enough to bother mentioning and before his audience has time to see through that stuff, he does a quick channel change to placate his audience with feel good platitudes about the great city and his job that he loves (read pay-cheque). He knows that lots of dumb-ass hosers will gobble it all up and even invent more convoluted rationale to try and save his “sincerely” sorry ass from oust.

  16. What? Other Bürgermeisters don’t urinate in public parking lots? First thing Rob probably checked was the “urinating in public” section of the Mayors oath of office to see if he was in violation. What a buffoon – lying, public intoxication, smoking crack cocaine, littering, urinating in a parking lot, writing letters of recommendation for murderers and drug dealers on city letterhead, more lying. But apparently moral turpitude is OK for municipal politicians. The only good thing so far is that his brother Doug has destroyed his chances at Provincial politics since he obviously knew everything that went on with Rob and lied to Torontonians to cover for him.

  17. He is an embarrassment to the city’ the province and the whole country. Time to resign.

  18. How it is possible that people still support this goof is beyond me, we deserve better than someone who constantly lies and then blames the rest of the world for his lies until he finally caught and yhen gives a less then informative apologies and expects it to replace the information we sll actually want to hear.
    can we finally br done with this fool.

  19. You’d think that the fact that a sitting mayor has drawn this level of police surveillance (Cessnas!) would, as the person responsible for the budget that pays all that police over time, be reason enough for him to resign.

    • If the police want to waste their time flying around in planes (which is patently ridiculous), in order to catch a pot dealer, then it’s not Ford’s fault. And he is not responsible for the budget, city council is.
      Maybe they should start flying around above Trudeau’s house, who has openly admitted to buying pot in recent times.

      • I think the surveillance had something to do with the mayor’s proximity to gang-involved hard drug dealers, but go for it if you want to buzz Justin’s house. I wouldn’t know where to look personally.

        Mayor and Council are responsible for the budget. I should have said the person who is “most” responsible for the budget. But I guess I got the impression from the mayor and his supporters who believe he has personally saved Toronto from municipal penury.

        • So, according to you, sitting in a van in a parking lot, drinking vodka, that’s “gang-involved hard drug dealers” activity. You have a loose definition of gang activity. That would mean the majority of teenagers are involved in gang activities, since by your definition hanging out together to smoke and drink is “gang-involved”. This hanging out in parking lots smoking and drinking requires police surveillance, according to you. Wow.
          So far most people making accusations have accused the mayor of being a drunk, and smoking crack. But here you are, accusing him of gang activity, which not even the TO Star or Gawker have dared to do. Seems like you’ve done your own investigation.
          As for the budget, you wish to blame the mayor and his supporters for your incorrect assumption? Apparently you’ve missed the 5 year battle over streetcars and subways. Perhaps you should climb out from whatever cave you’ve been living in.

          • OK, so you actually wish to claim Ford is a gang member? This is getting funny.
            I do believe I’ve seen Ford in photos with professional athletes. Who knew Ford was a professional athlete? Wow!

          • I said “proximity to gang-involved drug dealers.” You even quoted it, but there you go off spinning another straw man.

            Let’s face it, if you can’t see a problem with the mayor of a major city blundering about in a haze of intoxication who repeatedly denies and then later apologizes for his errors in judgment, your condition isn’t one that that can be treated online.

          • Oh, so now you’re saying the gang members are in close proximity to his house, necessitating aerial surveillance.

            Puhleaze, this is getting absurd.

            Heck, if you want to claim Ford has errors in judgment and gets intoxicated, then fine. You’re going off the deep end when you claim this necessitates aerial surveillance.

          • keep that spin a coming dave…

      • Huh? I thought Trudeau admitted to “taking a puff” of some pot that a friend had at a backyard bbq a few years ago. Now it’s morphed to buying pot? In a month or two I’m sure we’ll be hearing about how the crack video is actually Trudeau’s, not Ford’s.

        • You’re saying Trudeau is a moocher? He takes from his friends and never buys himself? Ok. Whatever.

  20. Suuuuure….Ford think it’s proper to demand that Bill Blair come clean and release the video. But ask Ford to even answer a question on the subject? “Any other questions?”

    Oh, and did he apologize for deliberately attempting to deceive the citizens for all these months? Nope.

  21. BIG deal he did/does drugs….I do not understand what the heck people care he is not the 1st or the last of our “leaders” to be in this boat OMG he is Human

    • You are deluded if you think that his doing drugs is the entirety of the problem.

    • Does anybody know that Ford is not the first and probably not the last public figure who uses illegal drugs, alcohol, prescription drugs, etc. The pipe could have been stuck in his face as a prank and the “videographer” just think is sooooo funny to make a ton of money of it and does not realize what a lowlife he/she is.
      Think about our great historic leaders like Winston Churchill who literally lived on whiskey and amphetamines. Did that make him less of a great leader and politician?
      How about all those eager critics? If they are so enthusiastic about “clean life” lets’ all of them take a thorough drug test say every six months like truck drivers and other ordinary people and see if they have some skeletons pouring out of their closets.
      Now this jumbled issue of the Mayor staying or not is not a public opinion survey decision, but defined by law. Councilmen who obviously just salivating at the possibility to take his seat suggesting that he can stay all he wants, but they will isolate him. Last time I looked that is illegal, immoral and grounds for dismissal.
      Mayor Ford should put this issue behind him with a firm plan to go forward and close the discussion. Stand up like a true leader, a man with a backbone, acknowledge what is required by the law and code of ethics and take back control of his job and concentrate to do it even better. A little less exposure to the feeding frenzied journalist mob would be useful. The press had their field day. Enough is enough! Perhaps a cool headed PR manager and other real professional advisors, preferably not former high school buddies and family relations, would help. Toronto is in the middle of one of the biggest reformation in recent history. Construction is everywhere, energy issues burning, the TTC is so disorganized that it takes a GPS to find your way around in your hometown (i.e. Spadina Queens Quay), etc. It is time to get back to work. The press can take a few days off to recover from the presumably huge hangover after the biggest party they ever participated in. I suggest the members of the Toronto City Council should not take this as an scavenging opportunity for personal political gain.

    • I di write a long comment on this. Did the censors erased it? Perhaps there is NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH IN CANADA!

      • MR. CENSOR I CHALLENGE YOU TO POST MY WRITING WITH YOUR COMMENTS IDENTIFYING THE REASONS FOR REFUSING MY RIGHT TO SPEAK. If you are a coward to do it in public, you have my e-mail address, let’s hear it.

  22. Let’s knick Name Rob Ford “The Wonderful Wizard of OZ”

    Well were off to see the Wizard, the Wonderful Wizard of OZ. We here he is a Wonderful Whiz if ever a whiz there was. If ever how ever a Whiz there was the Wonderful Wizard of OZ is one…. because, because because……because of the wonderful things he does?????? Well were off to see the Wizard, the Wonderful Wizard of OZ….OZ….OZ…..OZ.