A viewer's guide to the Maclean's National Leaders Debate

Where to watch the Maclean’s debate on Aug. 6

If it’s anyone’s race, help decide it. Here’s how to watch and engage


The 2015 federal election will be the most important and dramatic in a generation. Watch and engage during the Maclean’s National Leaders Debate Aug. 6. Have your say too—what would you ask our leaders? Comment on our Facebook page. And make sure to bookmark macleans.ca/debate, where you’ll be able to live-stream our debate, participate in live poll questions, and get involved in the discussion. Here’s how to watch:


The debate begins at 8pm EDT. We’re broadcasting coast to coast in multiple languages. In English, on City. In English and French, on CPAC. In Italian, Punjabi, Mandarin and Cantonese on OMNI.


We’ll be live streaming at Macleans.ca/debate, on the Maclean’s Facebook page and the Maclean’s YouTube channel, as well as on cpac.ca and OMNITV.ca. You can also join the social discussion using the #macdebate hashtag.


We’ll be hosting a full video replay of the debate on macleans.ca, as well as on the Maclean’s YouTube channel.


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Where to watch the Maclean’s debate on Aug. 6

  1. Why is Elizabeth May’s face in there. She is an embarrassment.

    • Of the four, she is probably the best-spoken, most informed and most intelligent. Easily one of the best elected representatives in federal politics in this country. If she were leading any of the other parties, she’d likely be PM. It’s the other three, to varying degrees, who are the embarrassments.

    • Oh dear, there’s always someone throwing silly remarks.

  2. If being embarrassment prevents somebody from participating, then Harper cannot participate either. He is a mega embarrassment in comparison to Elizabeth May.

    • Ah, now that’s a insightful remark.

    • It’s funny and true!!

  3. I want to know who is moderating it.

    • Thanks for your question, Kim! Paul Wells will be moderating.

  4. The debate will also air on CFJC Kamloops, BC and CKPG Prince George, BC.

  5. A sham debate, hosted by a very biased-to-one-side of the political spectrum medium, clandestinely agreed-to in an effort to aid and abet PM Harper’s efforts to vandalize each and every Canadian institution without exception…

    A useless debate taking place SO far ahead of voting day (the writ isn’t even dropped yet) that everyone will forget what was said… those of us who will be able to watch it that is…. given that ensuring the greatest number of Canadians possible will be able to see it was not the first priority of those putting it together.

    Finally, a debate that encourages voter suppression by not having invited all the parties currently having a seat in the house, and by virtue of the fact that it is scheduled at a much less than ideal time.

    How far we have fallen.

    • Perhaps, upon completion of the debate, you will take advantage of the one-hour post debate special and, then, advise us all of the noteworthy question that you required to be answered.

  6. I have a Q for Harper, Mulcair, and Trudeau:

    What are your respective BMI and Waist to Hip ratios? Both Harper and Mulcair look to have some serious girth and in men their age, this can lead to serious diseases (hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes,etc). Throw in the stress of the job and you have a serious matter. Are they taking any medications and how is their health?

    Canadians have a right to know if the health of their potential PM is compromised.

    • Perhaps, you will be satisfied if every polling station establishes mandatory examination by a resident psychiatrist.

      Now, wouldn’t that really be fun?

    • Check out their genetic profile…info about their ancestors might tell you more about their longevity.

    • I’m sure we don’t care as much about a PM dropping in the house as some countries do. Let’s keep it that way and not compete for the lowest common denominator.

  7. I’ve read and read through the Google and cannot figure out how I should watch this show. I have CBC, TVO, and CJOH on my antenna in Ottawa and I don’t trust any live streaming web site to deal with the traffic. Why the is it not on the CBC? (No disrespect for MacLean’s intended, of which I am a subscriber.)

    • You likely don’t, Robin, like MANY others – see my recent post.

    • You don’t trust Google/Youtube to be able to stream the debate live? Really. I can tell you that the traffic for this broadcast wouldn’t even register as a blip to Youtube.

    • Glad to hear from another OTA user! The Macleans player was terrible but the Youtube player wad great.

  8. The ‘broadcasting’ of this debate is very narrow – you have to either subscribe to Rogers, or know how to use a computer well, have high speed access, a social media account, know how to use it, etc…. Contrary to popular belief, many people don’t have the money, skills, knowledge or ability to have access to these options. There are over 800 people in my one county in Nova Scotia with Dial Up access only – due to technical barriers rurally.
    I understand ‘the consortium’ was being difficult, but only at least one of CBC, CTV and Global are available to the majority of Canadian homes, without cable (again, contrary to popular understanding). Fourteen million people watched the 2011 debates. It’ll be interesting to see how many access these… especially those who aren’t privileged.

    • Hi Pennywise – between City, CPAC and OMNI stations, the debate should be widely available across Canada on television. The online livestreams – macleans.ca, youtube.com/macleansmagazine, facebook.com/macleans, and more – are meant to give people an array of other choices to stream online.

  9. Harper gets up my nose. I respect Paul Wells and Maclean’s but I’m going to skip it.

    I was hoping for a Bloc, Green, Liberal, and NDP debate. Guess that’s not on anymore?

  10. Wow, what a cruddy website. Took me five minutes just to figure out where to watch Thursday’s debate. No wonder Harper is willing to be part of the Maclean’s debate. A lot of meaningless distraction before you get to the answer you’re looking for.

  11. O.K. whose bright idea was it to schedule the first debate on the same date as the first U.S. Republican debate. Trump wins the ratings everytime!

  12. Hi! Will the debate be recorded so I can watch it later if I can’t watch it live? Thanks

    • Thanks Annie – we’ll have a video replay here on macleans.ca, and on your YouTube channel, following the debate.

  13. Is that 8pm Eastern, or 8pm in each timezone?

    • 8 pm ET.

  14. 1) If you are elected prime minister, will you allow a free vote in the House of Commons on assisted dying?
    2) Would you support assisted dying legislation that honours the wording and the spirit of the Supreme Court’s decision in Carter v. Canada?

    This is important but so is food safety and they all avoid it like the plague!

  15. Will the moderator ask each of the debaters about giving voters some of the tolls of direct democracy like referendum and recall laws so they have a real say in between elections?

  16. As more of a casual observer now living here in Ecuador, the upcoming election back in Canada is not going to be one of the more interesting ones.

    King Harper, one of the most arrogant Prime Ministers we’ve had since the days of Pierre Trudeau, rules with an iron hand, stifling any dissent in his own party and believes that he is somehow ordained to lead the ignorant masses. Way passed time for him to go, but who is the alternative?

    Having been an NDP supporter my entire adult life, more because I was never rich enough to like the other elite parties, I was so elated by Jack Layton. He was a real man of the people and I think he would have done great things for Canada. So sad when we lost him to cancer.

    Thomas Mulcair? Well, if I ever thought that a bearded, professor type could better represent Canadians, although my American friends probably believe he could, I might think he has a chance, but he doesn’t. As a great debater he’ll probably go toe to toe with Harper in tonight’s first debate, but he lacks the charisma to attract the voters. If he has even a small chance it will only be because of an anti-Conservative vote by those who have had enough of Harper.

    And Justin? Well, he may well be an effective leader when he grows up in twenty or thirty years, but not now. Even Elizabeth May of the Green Party will probably destroy him tonight. The Liberals were so desperate when they elected him leader that they actually believed that his name’s star power would hide the fact that he had little clue about the issues. No doubt he’ll be good for some sound bytes, but little else.

    Very few leaders in Canada have ever had the clout of a Kennedy or an Obama, but this election will no doubt elevate the level of pure boredom, especially when it’s a brutally long eleven week campaign.

  17. Good luck tonight, Mr. Wells. I’m sure you’ll be an excellent moderator.

    Looking forward to the debate and hope we all get to learn something about each leader and their platforms.

  18. Pretty pathetic comment by Mulcair blaming the loss of over 400k of manufacturing jobs on the federal government.

    Kathleen Wynne is responsible for over 300k of these jobs with disgusting energy policies in Ontario.

  19. The web player sputtered and became unwatchable after the first round. Thank goodness there was a youtube channel.