The Maclean’s Politics Panel: Our leaders’ debate takes shape

Also: Tories push emissions reduction targets to 2030


Conservative Party leader and PM Harper, NDP leader Layton, Liberal leader Ignatieff  and Bloc Quebecois leader Duceppe take part in the English leaders' debate with host  Paikin in Ottawa

Each week, the Maclean’s Ottawa bureau sits down to discuss the stories behind the week’s stories in our politics podcast, On The Hill.

They also gather in the OMNI studios to talk about the stories that matter. This week, Paul Wells reveals some of the emerging details surrounding the Maclean’s-Rogers leaders’ debate that three parties—all but the Liberals—have agreed to join. Cormac MacSweeney also asks Wells about the Tories’ newest carbon reductions targets, which aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030.



The Maclean’s Politics Panel: Our leaders’ debate takes shape

  1. I am not even going to watch. Not one of them will talk about efficient, effective and economical government, not their abilities to manage it for the taxpayers. Its a farce and lobby money bought them all.

    Its a stage show, talk a lot of feel good, sell govmint you don’t need nor want, pander with other (our) peoples money for appeasement votes, tax us more and give a trinket deduction….and the ruse of democracy continues.

    Want real democracy? Make back room lobbying illegal and make the taxpayers the lobbyists. For $50 of your taxes you use $10 for city, $15 for provincial and $20 for federal, you donate it to a constancy lobby group, prospective MP/MLA/alderman’s registered political fund. You vote each year without the 4 year carta blanc attitude of term dictatorship.

    This empowers your MP to represent YOU, and federal party lobbyists can’t short democracy with special interests. As politicians should be working for taxpayers and commoners, not lobbyists and unions.

    Ever notice bailouts go to banks or corporate-union welfare comapnes like CBC, Canada Post, Air Canada, Bombardier, city, provincial welfare and more?

    Ottawa has become a brokerage of other peoples money and debt to the unborn. A immoral sink hole of wealth and media doesn’t even discuss the lack of value we get for all this money. Sad fact is our democracy is a farce, an illusion, a very expensive stage show of actors to bilk us for as much as they can get.

    [x] Need better choices for my vote than Orwellian Statism corruption.

  2. By Sunday the PMO/CPC have the media twisted in knots again blaming Trudeau for not deciding, all forgotten that it was Harper who pulled out of the traditional consortium election debate. Who’s afraid?

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