The opening round of the Iraq debate -

The opening round of the Iraq debate

Harper, Mulcair, Trudeau and May address the House


The official debate on the government’s proposal for a new mission in Iraq will be had on Monday—this afternoon’s speeches were delivered as part of the time set aside, but rarely used, each day for statement by ministers—and we should hope for a worthy display, but today was obviously more than a stage-setter. It was a dramatic day that took some of the drama out of the debate (barring something remarkable, we can know now what the vote tally will be on Monday night).

Via the indispensable Canuck Politics, here is the full exchange, from Stephen Harper to Tom Mulcair to Justin Trudeau to Elizabeth May.

(Small thing: Elizabeth May is not the leader of a recognized party, as far as the House of Commons is concerned, so she requires the unanimous consent of the House to respond to the minister’s statement. This had been a bit of a thing in the past, but she was permitted to speak on Remembrance Day last year and now again today. Terry Glavin calls her out for repeating the CIA-Osama bin Laden claim.)

We’ve also posted transcripts.


The opening round of the Iraq debate

  1. Justin has no idea what it is to be like a common working man – he has never sweated to pay a mortgage – he runs on his daddy’s name from a privileged life style – he lives an entitled life style with never a moment of care about how others sweat to keep the country running – his comment about F-18’s and “their size” shows the complete disdain he has for the Canadian military – the same as his daddy. In truth if this trudeau were to disappear tomorrow from the political scene the country would never miss him. There are other far more competent Libs to lead that party.

    Trudeau needs a good kick in the butt and a reality check – he did not even make an effort to visit the troops in Afghanistan before they pulled out – and several other Libs did – my hats off to those Libs who showed some courtesy – never forget – it was THE LIBERALS sent us to the Afghan war.

    Mulcair is a dual citizen – which to me shows he is nothing but an opportunist and nothing more. He too has never demonstrated anything but contempt for the military – similar to the man we in the military (yes I am military and have more foreign tours than most people have fingers) called Taliban Jack (Layton) – Mulcair would gain more respect if he dumped his foreign passport and showed he was a true Canadian – so far he is nothing but a bearded screamer who has not shown any substance.

    Harper – ran a decent country – put us in the running with a strong economy and is even now working us back to a balanced budget – he has however started to pee it all away with some of the scandals and some of the aloofness he displays. Time for him to go.

    When someone mentions peace keeping and humanitarian work, remember that most soldiers detest the terms – that depending upon how you count the bodies – more Canadian soldiers were killed on peace keeping missions than in Afghanistan. Never forget the disdain and disgusting treatment of the military by Trudeau senior and Chretien – who sent us off to war with poor equipment and called us Boy Scouts.

    I do not know many front line soldiers who would not happily pee on the headstone of Trudeau senior or spit of the shadow of the PM we called the creature – but then again those entitled people never scraped up their friends bodies and wrapped the pieces in plastic to ship home to Canada.

    In the end we must go – we have a duty to Canada, the world and even more we have a duty to our children – who – if you the reader do your due diligence and see the dangers rising in Canada right NOW. We are soon to be yet another Norway, Sweden, Denmark and more.

    If you want Canada to remain as you see it TODAY – then you will have to protect it – that protection starts off shore – because within the life time of many of us it will arrive here as it has in Australia.

    Wait and see.

    • “Justin has no idea what it is to be like a common working man”

      Which of the party leaders – of the several party leaders we have had over the past few decades – does?

  2. As a person who was a bit on side with entering this conflict in Iraq, I was turned off by the part where Harper and the cons were saying we had 69 advisers on the ground in Kurdish territory, Iraq[took 2 weeks to get that answer], but then the script changed to that only 29 advisors were on the ground some days later, after repeatedly trying to pull the truth out of Harper. That’s when bells went off for me. It showed me that if Harper was willing to lie about the amount of advisers on the ground, he was willing to lie about anything to get us involved with this conflict. Whether you think Trudeau was waffling or not, I think Trudeau was trying his best to give Harper a reason for him to vote in favor of air strikes, but Trudeau also realized Harper was not being truthful and forthcoming, so at the very end of the thirty day period, Trudeau done what I think and a lot of Canadians agree on is, not join in on the air strikes, find other causes to help in some kind of support. When Canadians were polled on whether we as a country should get involved with this conflict by use of air strikes, I don’t think the Canadian public were given sufficient and ample reason to go to war, only rhetoric and fear. Now were are about to go to war on the taxpayers credit card, unless the Harper government has a ‘ Ministry of Chest Thumping ‘, to pay for it, because we as voters will never know the costs of this conflict until the Harper government is re-elected back to power in 2015, not sure that going to happen.