The QP Clip: Scheer’s modest crackdown

The exchange you can’t miss from this afternoon’s Question Period.



The QP Clip: Scheer’s modest crackdown

  1. Andrew Scheer.
    He’s in over his head.

  2. What crackdown? He made an error in ruling a question about PMO interference in the Senate out of order and then made a make-up call on Flaherty. Sorry that doesn’t pass for decent officiating in hockey or Parliament.

    If asking about an abuse of administrative responsibilities by the PMO isn’t in order what is?

    I also note that he let Calandra slide yet again for referring today to some legal matter of the Opposition Leader’s while in the Quebec National Assembly. Scheer also seems to let constant references to some other incident 17 years ago in Quebec stand as an actual answer to any other question. What administrative responsibility of the government do those answers refer to?

    • The fact that Thomas Mulcair personally covered up bribery during his time in Quebec’s Liberal government is highly relevant to all matters of government business. It calls his credibility into question on all matters.

      • Much like Harper’s avowal of being out of the loop on the Duffy payout calls into question his credibility on all matters

      • blah blah blah, holy crap that is a stupid argument!

      • Mulcair is running the government now. Who knew.

    • You noted: “constant references to some other incident 17 years ago in Quebec ”
      Actually, there is a lot of doubt with regards to Mulcair’s response to this. He was asked live on TV a few years ago if he knew of, or was ever offered a bribe. He categorically denied it. In effect….Thomas Mulcair LIED.
      When Mulcair did finally admit he was offered a bribe, he says he didn’t take it. Given that he lied about the offer….how do we know he didn’t accept it?
      To cover his asz…he said he saw an envelope, but not any money inside of it. Kinda like saying, I saw the guy with the gun…..but I didn’t see the bullet hit the victim.
      Given what is going on in Quebec, and has been for generations….does anyone else suspect that perhaps this issue should have received more coverage from the media. Just imagine the outcome if Harper had made such an admission…….
      Double Standard anyone?

      • Have you got the slightest grasp of the topic?
        It wouldn’t matter if Mulcair took the money, hacked the mayor’s head off and mailed it to his mother. Question period is for the express purpose of questioning the government.