The QP clip: Rae and Moore muse about sociology

The exchange you can’t miss from this afternoon’s Question Period.



Liberal Leader Bob Rae led off the Liberal side during Question Period, and had some fun at Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s expense.

Earlier in the day, Harper had mused with reporters that, in the wake of the Boston bombings and arrests in connection with a plot to derail a Via train, it’s “not a time to commit sociology“—in other words, to talk about the root causes of terrorism that Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau spoke about with the CBC’s Peter Mansbridge.

Anyway, Rae stood up and referenced Harper’s sociology remark. Heritage Minister James Moore mumbled a response. And the actual substance of the question and answer related to what the government is or isn’t doing for unemployed youth.

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The QP clip: Rae and Moore muse about sociology

  1. Bob Rae looks horrifically terrible.

  2. Bob Rae = Witt, charisma, personality.

    Everything a conservative is trying to make up for with their money.