The QP clip: Rae blasts Penashue’s re-election bid

The exchange you can’t miss from this afternoon’s Question Period


Bob Rae, the Liberal’s interim leader, wonders why Prime Minister Stephen Harper would allow former intergovernmental affairs minister Peter Penashue, who resigned after he admitted his campaign accepted donations improperly, to run in an upcoming by-election. Harper’s response was simplt: Penashue was the best MP that Labrador ever had.

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The QP clip: Rae blasts Penashue’s re-election bid

  1. “Best member” huh? Best as what – breaking laws? Handing out the goodies the PMO has decided will help get him re-elected?

  2. Shorter Harper: You can be corrupt or incompetent, but as long as you bring home the bacon to your constituents, that’s ok then, process doesn’t count… Jeeez you could just cut out the middle man and the entire electoral process on that logic – just rule by fiat from Ottawa or Labrador. How much more brazen can this PM get! I’m the guy that paves the roads and builds the dams…so just shut up and like it sheeple.

  3. Harper credits Penashue with “securing the lower Churchill”. I’d love to know how he means that. Just exactly how did he, as a MP, secure a deal worked out in principle before he was elected?

  4. The only reason MR Harper said that MR Penashue was the best MP that Labrador ever had, is he does whatever Mr Harper tells him to do, like a puppet on a string. We need an MP that will fight for the south coast as well as the north coast. Most he done for us is say he’d give away Labrador before he would stop pushing muskrat falls.

  5. Just. Wow. Has anyone ever seen such a lickspittle as Scheer? Listen to his wheedling tone. I just threw up a bit in my mouth. Shame on the prime minister for his “in-House” campaign on behalf of a disgraced minister. What’s the hurry, Harper, why not wait for the results of the investigation? Because of Penashue’s illegal and unethical activities, we will all pay for a bye election — hold on so we don’t have to hold another when he’s removed for his activities!