The QP Clip: Francoise Boivin on costs of criminal justice

The exchange you can’t miss from this afternoon’s Question Period



In the wake of a new report from the Parliamentary Budget Office on the rising cost of criminal justice in Canada, NDP justice critic Francoise Boivin lectured the Conservatives on what she says is an ineffective approach to law and order. Justice Minister Rob Nicholson responded that the government stands up for victims of crime.

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The QP Clip: Francoise Boivin on costs of criminal justice

  1. I disagree completely with the Conservative approach to crime and safety but Nicholson won this round of optics because the NDP come off as being opportunistic when they address the cost rather than the ineffectiveness of Conservative crime measures.

    The Opposition parties will be more believable if they address the core failure of Conservative policy, not just their routine mismanagement of funds. They need to be asking questions like:

    How are victims served by longer jail terms when the evidence is that putting more people in jail for longer produces more determined and depraved criminals when they come out? How are we preventing crime by putting more people with mental illness and addictions in situations where their problems will deteriorate? Why is it that we are spending twice as much on enforcing the sale of illegal drugs as on the sale of illegal guns?

  2. I am now a firm NDP supporter because Mulcair does the best photo ops! Although……………… time Mulcair should make sure that Pelosi stays out of the picture. (hihi)