The QP Clip: Harper jabs Liberals on Wallin

The exchange you can’t miss from this afternoon’s Question Period.



The QP Clip: Harper jabs Liberals on Wallin

  1. That’s a “zinger”…?

    General consul (essentially a walking ad for Canada) versus Senator (a legislator) are somehow equivalent?

    Seems to me that the LPC knew how best to leverage her abilities or lack thereof.

  2. The reality is that Pamela Wallin was a good choice for the Senate. Trudeau whiffs again. Her previous choice by the Liberals to have her serve in an international, high-profile, non-partisan role shows there was a bipartisan consensus on her excellent qualifications.

    The bigger question is why have the Liberals chosen to attack the two highest profile Conservative Senators if not merely to score political points? It’s been made clear that the Senate finance office is run loosey goosey at best, with no adequate feedback on expenses (and in the Duffy case no feedback whatsoever to the non-partisan temporary admin assistant who completed all the expense forms at issue) and given the Liberals’ domination of the Senate for 95% of the past 120 years they had better explain why.

    • “WHY have the Liberals chose to attack the two highest profile

      Conservative senators,” asks Pingston.

      Oh, FFS: maybe because they are the ones under f*cking RCMP investigation and ethics scrutiny for ripping off taxpayers under the guidance of the prime minister so they could stump for CPC but have us pay for it? D’yuh think?

      • As newbies to the Senate, do you not think there is a possibility they were set up from the beginning? Wallin and Duffy have only been there four years. I would think it takes more than that to lead a life of undetected crime. Just think what the twenty year people are doing.

        • Set up? As in set up by their political enemies?

          Occam’s Razor suggests that such an elaborate conspiracy theory would be too stupid to contemplate.

        • If by “set up” you mean were they told by Harper/CPC that they could have untold riches if they would stump for him on the public dime, then yes, I think it’s possible they were set up from the beginning. And from there, they became the proverbial entitled piggies at the trough.

          From the appointments to people who have not lived in the areas they represent for decades, to the stumping for CPC on taxpayer dime, to the fake expenses and refusals to speak to the public: this has been completely unethical from the start. Why couldn’t they just be satisfied with the generosity and prestige bestowed on them — why did they think they deserved more? I guess since Doug Finley’s passed away, you will have to ask Steve Harper about that.

        • Just think how the Liberal senators must feel now that the Conservative senate majority wants an AG audit done.

          The Liberal senators are not too pleased about further investigations!

          Why, even Jennifer from CP questioned if further investigations into the senate would be a good idea.

          Could you ever have imagined a news reporter claiming on CBC`s P&P that more investigations might not be a good thing! LOL

          • There is rot throughout that entire chamber, that’s for sure. It’s too bad neither the Liberals or the Conservatives are actually willing to fix the rot.

          • Harper and the CPC have tried for years to make some changes to the Senate.

            Harper even held back in appointing senators until the chamber had been reformed (provinces electing senators, for instance)

            But when the PM and Canada could see that the NDP and Liberals together with the separatists of the BQ would form a coalition government, the PM did the right thing and proceed with the usual practice of appointing senators. Good judgement call by the PM.

          • They HAVE A MAJORITY. If they truly wanted to fix the Senate, to stop the appointment of bagmen, fraudsters, and cheats to the Senate, to make the Senate accountable, they could at least start the process. What they wouldn’t have done, had they not wanted to appoint bagmen, fraudsters, and cheats, was appoint a truckload of bagmen, fraudsters, and cheats.

  3. The problem for the Opposition is they need to use names everyone has heard of because most Canadians, present company excepted, won’t recognize the names of the truly greasy appointments made at the same time as Duffy and Wallin. A better question would be: “Why did the prime minster appoint the architects of the In Out election financing scam to the Senate so soon after the CPC pleaded guilty?

    • And why then did the Liberals appoint Wallin to be consul general in New York….eh!

      Better not to answer questions like that! Balanced reporting by the Prime Minister does not bode too well for the Liberals or the NDP. But someone has to report the facts if the media won`t do it for us.

      Thank you Prime Minister Harper for telling us the facts.

      • Sorry, I must have missed these “facts” the PM reported.

        Is Harper’s suggestion that Chretien can explain why Harper appointed Wallin to the Senate some sort of “fact” in your kookie mind?

        • That is one unreadable comment, apparently Conservative partisans speak their own peculiar kind of gibberish.

      • I think Trudeau’s response was very clear: the Liberals appointed Wallin to be consul general in New York not to do partisan politics. I don’t remember reading that Wallin went around Manhattan attacking Conservative politicians on taxpayers’ dime.
        However, as a Conservative senate appointee, Ms. Wallin herself says she “campaigned during an 11-day period in 2011 in Saskatchewan, but declined to say where. One of her speeches was in Moose Jaw, in MP Ray Boughen’s riding. According to audio posted by a local news agency, Ms. Wallin prefaced her speech by saying, “You’re going to hear a pretty partisan set of comments.” Gilles Duceppe makes her “twitch” and NDP leader Jack Layton did not want an election because “his wife [MP Olivia Chow] doesn’t qualify for her parliamentary pension yet,” (G&M).
        I still think senators, of all stripes, should stay away from partisan politics. They should not be part of political caucus.

        • You should have heard her As It Happens interview during that campaign. She was completely unhinged, in a truly Conservative way.

        • Agreed, they should be non-political, absolutely not allowed to participate in any way, except their own private vote.

      • You’d have to ask “which” Canadian interests did Wallin represent to New York while she was Consul General? Who knows what she was doing down there, and why she ended up getting a Conservative Senate appointment? Trudeau was quite right that she wasn’t representing anything favourable to the Liberals, and she probably sucked up to Harper the whole time – hence she got the appointment.

        Not very nice of Harper to turn on a loyalist like Wallin by accusing the Liberals of appointing her.

        The Senate appointment is the big plum, that’s guaranteed income, expenses, housing allowances AND a pension. Harper cannot compare the two.

  4. If all Harper can say is “The Liberals did it too”, then why not not just rename the CPC? if all we’re ever going to get is something the Liberals already did, why do we need the CPC?

    • Because the Honourable Member from Papineau tried to pin her Senate appointment on something she must have done for the CPC. Harper was merely pointing out that the Liberals thought she had good qualifications as well. I don’t think it was a “me too” argument.

      • Unfortunately, your last two sentences can’t be reconciled.

        • Most of Justin`s double dipping cannot be reconciled but you will keep on trying. Eh!

          • You seem to have me confused with someone else. Only one of us supported a “double-dipping” MP in the last election, and it wasn’t me.

      • Consul General is not the same as Senator. And, as Trudeau pointed out – she wasn’t fundraising for the Liberals while she occupied that position. She sure fundraised for the Tories as a Senator, and probably as Consul General as well.

  5. Wallin and Duffy were good enough for CTV and CBC to put them on their payrolls. But suddenly, when Harper choose Wallin and Duffy, he must have known that Duffy and Wallin could not be trusted.

    Great angle. Canadians do appreciate unbalanced news coverage. That way Harper will keep on getting the votes he needs to form another majority government. Canadians are not stupid. They understand what unbalanced reporting is all about. That`s why most posters here are always the same people (hey, where is EmilyOne on this one!) because here at Macleans comment boards, it`s all about Harper being bababababad and everyone else being good, including Duffy and Wallin when they were hired by CTV and CBC.

    And you guys can`t figure out why Harper keeps winning.

    • Harper responsible for his own decisions?
      Oh gosh, the world is so unfair.

    • He certainly knew that Duffy’s ethical behaviour was being investigated. It was all over the newspapers.
      You on the other hand, as long as the person has not been charged, would hire a person under investigation for child abuse to drive a schoolbus. We’ve had that argument, and I agree with your statement in writing to me that as a Quebecer I don’t share your Canadian values.
      I expect a PM to wait until an investigation is completed and the person cleared of wrongdoing before appointing anyone to the Senate. That is a Quebecer value that is foreign to Canadians, or so you say.

      • Good day to you, too, LoraineLamontagne!

        Must be having a bad day to speak for yourself and then try to lighten up your restless mind with trying to speak on my behalf?

        Oh, we understand the Quebec mindset very well, or trying to understand Quebeckers in any case:


        With Mr. Harper and Mr. Flaherty at the helm, it’s tough to fault Pauline Marois, Quebec’s separatist Premier. She says her province’s petroleum riches need to stay in the ground until Quebec finally achieves its liberation from the rest of us. “If, one day, we produce oil and gas in Quebec, why would we let half of this wealth go down the road to Ottawa?” she asks in a video posted on the Parti Québécois website.”

        Quebeckers want all the money they can get from western oil riches, but paws off the Quebec riches to come! LOL Classical! Commical!

  6. Jelly Belly harpo didn’t answer one question – he’s nothing more than a cheap a 2-bit liar.

    • Keep it coming!