The QP Clip: Moore confused about Senate reform

Clunky messages from the Heritage minister


NDP Leader Tom Mulcair pressed the government on ethical questions surrounding former PMO chief Nigel Wright’s infamous $90,000 personal cheque meant to cover Senator Mike Duffy’s improperly claimed expenses. In his second response to Mulcair, Heritage Minister James Moore urged the NDP to support the various Senate reforms the Conservatives tabled in legislation.

What Moore didn’t mention was the government’s Supreme Court reference on those very proposals—as well as their questions about abolition, which the NDP favours—that is effectively delaying the government’s movement on the file. After another question from Mulcair, in the video above, Moore’s response did mention the top court—and indicated, in fact, that the government was looking for a “mandate” from the Supremes to carry on with their legislation. He accused the NDP of opposing the court reference, too, and said they should support all of the reforms on the table.

Clunky messages from the Heritage minister.


The QP Clip: Moore confused about Senate reform

  1. The NDP shows their hypocrisy for one and all on this file. They know full well that even if Mulcair became PM the very first bill tabled would have to go to the upper house and be voted on? – makes no sense – if the NDP are serious they should say exactly what they want to do and that is open up the constitution and then Quebec would shut the debate down?

    • Yeah, that’s who the hypocrites are, not the party that made political hay for ten years about a “billion dollar boondoggle” and then upped the ante with a 3 billion dollar one of their own, not the party whose prime minister called on Paul Martin to answer why he didn’t know what was going on in his party but then ducks out of caucus without answering questions about why his own office was the source of the cover-up, not the party that wanted an elected and effective Senate and then failed to bring forth any kind of a plan, except for a fake bill that it let languish in never never land all the while filling the Senate with bag men, partisan operatives and “media” spokespeople. Yes let’s all focus on arguable missteps of Opposition leaders and former leaders who barely unfolded their linen at Sussex Drive instead of the head hypocrite who has lived there since 2006.

      • The Liberal adscam went on for months, years! The Liberal adscam was not a one time occurrence! Adscam was a running program to launder public money, and lots of it, back into the Liberal private coffers!

  2. Question:

    Could the federal government use the notwithstanding clause to reform the senate?

    • nope.

    • No – completely different parts of the Constitution