The QP clip: Jim Flaherty laughs off “partisan” criticism

The exchange you can’t miss from this afternoon’s Question Period


When NDP finance critic Peggy Nash accused Finance Minister Jim Flaherty of being non-transparent in advance of this year’s federal budget—and cited the criticism of former senior Finance Canada officials—Flaherty responded with laughter. He went on to defend his government’s record, which he claimed the C.D. Howe Institute lauded.

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The QP clip: Jim Flaherty laughs off “partisan” criticism

  1. In other news the Toronto Star to cut jobs citing declines in ad revenue

    • In other news, neo-con propaganda machine Sun TV News lost $17M and now wants to force Canadians to subscribe to the channel. What bastions of free market economics!

      • Sun TV News is gaining advertisers and increasing revenue, quite the opposite of the “red star”.

        We’re forced to subsidize the CBC to the tune of One Billion Dollars a Year, I’ll trade you no mandatory carriage of Sun TV News for the elimination of the CBC subsidy.

        • The CBC is a public broadcaster. It is owned by Canadians. Sun TV News has no journalistic standards whatsoever.

          • Sure Ron…………..roll eyes.

  2. What a disgusting con man. The right-wing CD Howe institute says the federal government is the least offender in letting spending go beyond projections (ON is in second place.)

    But the issue here is budget transparency. The Harper Government has been refusing to hand over public budget documents since 2010 (for which they were found in Contempt of Parliament.) The Budget Officer they appointed has launched a law suit to gain access to them. So this is hardly a “partisan” issue. It’s about the Cons’ broken promise to bring in open, transparent and accountable government.

    Flaherty needs to answer these questions: a) what are the real budget numbers? b) what are the Conservatives trying to hide? Taxpayers want to know.

    NP: ‘A disgrace and an insult to Parliament’: Ex-Finance officials launch scathing critique of Tory budget secrecy

  3. Watch for Flaherty’s next act of breath-taking, gravity-defying transparency, in which his government auctions off public assets in an attempt to “balance” the budget before the next election.

    • The CBC Billion Dollar Subsidy should be eliminated, then auction off the hard assets, the rights to Hockey Night in Canada and send out the pink slips, I’m sure many leftard heads would explode.