The QP Clip: Justin Trudeau pays for verbal slip

The exchange you can’t miss from this afternoon’s Question Period



The QP Clip: Justin Trudeau pays for verbal slip

  1. Words and slip-ups! Sometimes not so serious at all, and sometimes very serious in consequence (I expect CBC to do a full and thorough investigation as to what Justin could have possibly meant when he finally admitted that the questions have been ‘answered’.)

    But why not question the power of words. This is a letter I posted on Tom Mulcair’s official webpage this morning before QP had started:

    Letter to Mulcair submitted on his webpage June 12, 2013 http://www.ndp.ca/node/9690/done?sid=47847

    Dear Mr. Mulcair,

    It is with deepest regret that I must witness, when watching QP, the fact that you, as a trained lawyer, can be so willfully blind to the fact that the denial story has indeed come down to a play of words.

    Such fun, to play with words, I do agree, but not when a play of words is being used to your advantage in a most underhanded way for gaining political advantage!

    Let me explain.

    The so-called ‘secret fund’ story grew quite rapidly into that of being a ‘no one has denied it’ story.

    But exactly because the word ‘denial’ is such a strange word, it can be taken in two ways, as follows:

    No one is swimming in the pool.
    No one is flying a kite.
    No one is denying anything.
    No one is dancing here.

    I have a pen.
    You say I have a pen.
    I say I don’t have a pen.

    Scenario B is of course a real denial story, in that what is, is in fact denied. I do have the pen, and I am saying that I don’t have the pen=denial as in having lied about the situation.

    Scenario A however is the word ‘denial’ being used as a verb, an action, as in: I have not been busy denying, I have not been busy swimming, I have not been busy dancing, and so forth.

    And so when a CPC MP has said that “no one has denied it’ it was, of course, as understood in scenario A, namely that the action of denial had not been undertaken.

    I would advice you to come clean with Canadians in this regard. If you and your party feel that democracies can only be worthwhile if all is open and transparent, then why not hold yourself to account on matters such as using simple words indeed for gaining political advantage.

    Not a very nice way to to about it, Mr.Mulcair, if you stand up in the House trying to convince every one that this is not about some playing with words issue,if indeed it IS a playing of words you are using to your advantage and for you to count on when the public must be convinced, one way or the other.

    Not nice!

    Francien Verhoeven,

    • You’re in danger of becoming Canada’s Orly Taitz Francien

      • Good one!!!

  2. So, let me guess; how conveniently technical problems arise when Justin’s clip can not be uploaded (nor be animated) but the PM clip can be!

    Hooray for technical difficulties to save at least some of the embarrassment!

    • That tin foil hat appears to be a touch too tight Francien.

  3. I agree that there are a lot of troubling questions around Mulcair waiting so many years to reveal being offered a bribe (not to mention his constant pandering to Quebec separatists), yet he rarely is held accountable by the journalists.

  4. harper is a goof.

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