The QP Clip: Justin Trudeau returns from the oil patch

The QP Clip: Justin Trudeau returns from the oil patch

The exchange you can’t miss from this afternoon’s Question Period


Justin Trudeau hollered past the heckling laughter across the way. The Liberal leader, fresh from a trip to Fort McMurray, Alta., claimed that residents in the oil town were upset with their putative Tory friends in Ottawa. They feel taken for granted, he said, and part of the problem is the unchecked proliferation of temporary foreign workers in northern Alberta. Fix what ails these patriotic souls, Trudeau demanded.

The jeers were predictable. Tories laugh at Liberals who think they can win in Alberta. Tories laugh at Trudeau’s consistent absence from the House of Commons as he trots around the country, talking to people. That kind of hooky from the Commons may have sealed former Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff’s fate in 2011—recall the late Jack Layton’s jab during one of the debates—but Trudeau’s intent on transforming a losing strategy into a winner.

Trudeau’s trip to Fort McMurray effectively launched a campaign to sink Tory hopes in a by-election slated for June 30. Here was his speech at the Lac La Biche Canadian Native Friendship Centre May 9, with candidate Kyle Harrietha by his side.


The QP Clip: Justin Trudeau returns from the oil patch

  1. The TFW program was started by the Chretien Liberals, the plans to expand it to all sectors happened under Paul Martin, but were implemented very shortly after the 2006 election where the Conservatives ousted the corrupt Liberals to win a minority.

    Turdeau 2, such a vapid airhead…………huh, did somebody say joint………….wow.

    • At what point do the Conservatives begin to be responsible for current government policy? We’re 8 years in, now…

    • If your guys are going to adopt liberal policy when they were elected in 2006, than they should be responsible for whatever happens to it. It seemed to work well for the cons until they started to milk it and screw it up, so what better thing to do, but blame on the grits. Hopefully the grits will be re-elected in 2015 so they can clean up the mess the cons have made over the last 8 years.

      • Justin Trudeau requested more foreign workers for his own riding. Now he is complaining about their existence.

    • BS Boob,
      the Liberals had heavily “regulated” it, but in the last 8-years, the Con’s have thrown out all the rules, and regulations, TFW’s have exponetially gone rampant over the last 8 years, most of them un-registered illegally paid under-the-tale cheap labour.
      Anyone NOT from SW Ontario wouldn’t know about these travesties over the last 8 years of Con’s federal DE-regulations, …, regarding this matter.
      There are literally several other articles here explaing the TFW, and how it has negatively affected “real” Canadian Jobs, …

      Anyway, get on the right article Boob, this is about the Con’s Oil-Patch travesty.