The QP Clip: Justin Trudeau rises as Liberal leader

The exchange you can’t miss from this afternoon’s Question Period



Papineau MP Justin Trudeau, the Liberals’ newly minted leader, rises in the House to ask the government about increased tariffs he says were embedded in Budget 2013. Prime Minister Stephen Harper touted the government’s record on reducing tariffs.

How did the Trudeau/Harper exchange play out on the floor of the House? Here’s the relevant excerpt from our QP liveblog.


The QP Clip: Justin Trudeau rises as Liberal leader

  1. Justin is worried about the tariff on ‘little red wagons’ and what that will do to Canadian families, but apparently he was not that overly concerned when he charged schools $20,000 a pop for delivering a speech. Since starting his Liberal career, Trudeau has billed schools
    $205,000 for speeches.

    School taxes are high because of high school costs. Can Justin not see the hypocrisy of his actions?

  2. Dear Nick,

    On March 25, 2013 you posted an article entitled: ‘Ask me anything about Parliament Hill.’

    At the time, I did put forward a question. As of yet I have not seen an answer to my question coming from you. Could you tell me if the answers to the questions posed are still forthcoming?

    Below, you will find a repeat of my question:

    Excellent idea, Nick. So here is my most serious question:

    Evan Solomon did an interview with Reg Borges for The House, in which
    the so-called overspending of Penashue’s campaign were being discussed.
    Within the interview it came to light, as one thing out of many, that
    Penashue’s wife must automatically be considered a campaign worker (and
    therefore her flight expenses must be included in the campaign’s expense
    account) when she travels on the same plane as her husband when
    commuting to one of her husband’s speaking events. It was clear to both
    Evan and Reg that there were no other means of transportation available
    in Labrador that time of year other than flying. So, would Penashue’s
    wife not have been considered a campaign worker if she had taken a
    flight separate from her husband Peter when going to the event?

    Awaiting your reply.