The QP Clip: Mulcair and Harper get feisty on Senate reform

The exchange you can’t miss from Question Period



NDP Leader Tom Mulcair and Prime Minister Stephen Harper are at their most free-wheeling this week when they’re challenging each other on Senate reform. In what’s become a staple of Question Period over the past few days, the two party leaders accused each other of not committing to true reform of the upper chamber.

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The QP Clip: Mulcair and Harper get feisty on Senate reform

  1. Why oh why are we wasting so much time on this Senate drivel when the country has serious problems?

    It’s like our very own Zombie Apocalypse….they’re dead, yet they’re still here and they’re just taking up time and space!

  2. Wow! Harper really is that loopy. Is this the new carbon tax meme? They sure wore that other sucker out.

  3. Henceforth children will grow up wanting to be the Leader of the Opposition since that’s apparently where all the prestige and power resides. It’s all the poor majority government can do just to keep the lights on in their offices and have enough pencils to go around what with the mean old Opposition running everything.

  4. two angry men ! the two biker gangs .

  5. It’s hard for Harper to look statesmanlike when he is so blatantly condoning Senate fraud, corruption, and cronyism, while blaming the mess on a party that has never formed a federal government (minority or majority) and hasn’t appointed a single senator.

    Pathetic, really.