The QP Clip: Mulcair’s prosecution continues

The exchange you can’t miss



The QP Clip: Mulcair’s prosecution continues

  1. Love This !!! way to go – Tommy The Beard duking out with He Who Must Be Obeyed !!! winner take all folks – wanna bet Tommy’s number rise the next while as he is showing how an opposition leader does his job :) – Harper in on corner and Tommy in the other – let’s get ready to RUMBLE :) – thing is folks has anyone else noticed that Justin The Just Watch Me Kid isn’t exactly getting watched much – hmmmmmmmm

  2. There has been more emotional rhetoric on this issue than I care to deal with. Yes, the Senator(s) got caught doing things they oughtn’t (both Conservative AND Liberal). Yes, the PM’s right-hand-man tried something he maybe shouldn’t’ve. Yes, these things should be investigated. But the Opposition (NDP) haranguing of Mr Harper personally smacks of verbal assault. Even if Mr Mulcair heard the truth, it appears he’d ignore it in favor of attacking the governing Party. Makes me want to tune the whole thing out.
    Oh! And the media is not scot-free on this… why are they harping on Duffy and ignoring the Liberal Senator? Why is the RCMP saying they have enough to lay charges on Duffy, and not any other Senator that’s been caught doing similar things? Politics, people, politics! There’s no fair play anymore (if there ever was), and the media is showing its true colors… and they’re not pretty.

    • The PMO orchestrated a cover-up on Duffy’s expenses (at least they tried to and failed). The PMO’s complicity is in trying to make the Duffy expense scandal go away, using Nigel Wright’s money. The cover-up is always more damaging than the scandal, as they say.

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