The QP clip: Cullen and MacKay support the troops

The exchange you couldn’t miss during this afternoon’s Question Period.



Early on in Question Period, NDP MP Jack Harris questioned Defence Minister Peter MacKay’s voting record on various defence spending—namely, that he voted against millions of dollars for various military initiatives. MacKay dismissed the question.

Later on, NDP House Leader Nathan Cullen stood and listed the various programs MacKay didn’t support in the 2004 budget. MacKay shot back that the military’s never been better funded than during the Conservatives’ reign.

Cullen stood again and listed yet more things MacKay voted against. In his response, the defence minister mistakenly referred to the NDP “government,” a slip the NDP was happy to applaud on their feet.

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The QP clip: Cullen and MacKay support the troops

  1. peter macKay you are a lame dog, you can’t ven lie with a straight face lol,lol,

  2. harpo and his cons, never supporting our troops.
    I think the vets that had to fight for their support would disagree with mackay.

  3. It’s impressive that things like the WWI blog post from ’07 controversy have increased my respect for MacKay in contrast from my 1/3 bimbo, 1/3 smarmy, 1/3 ok opinion of before.

    I’m curious what Cullen thinks of the NDP’s leak of Canada’s negotiations with the UAE for military support in Afghanistan. If he supports military spending did he disapprove of that? I won’t be considering a vote, protest or otherwise, for the NDP anytime soon without an indication that wasn’t some kind of one-off thing.

  4. The Conservatives have a legitimate claim for supporting the funding of military hardware. The Canada First Defence Strategy was a great idea, provide predictable multi-year funding that would allow the military to plan strategically and effectively. Of course the Conservatives worked hard to market that plan to build the Conservative brand. Unfortunately, the Conservatives promised everything back in 2008, and have since done some serious reneging so the strategic component has been compromised although the marketing strategy remains. Still spending on military hardware is clearly a higher priority for the Conservatives than the other parties.

    However, the Conservative claim of supporting our military personnel and especially our veterans is bogus. At best they have been neglectful but at their worst they have been dishonest and cheap using fiscal restrain to justify treating heroes like crap. Worst of all, when veterans have complained, the Conservatives have turned nasty using unethical and sometimes illegal approaches to attack complainers.

  5. The NDP were simply taking a page from the Harper/CPC playbook. It was a stupid comment that McKay responded to. The NDP were trying to deflect attention away from the fact that they voted against the new anti terrorism bill. A wedge issue that was manipulated to bolster the Conservative brands image of being On Guard For Thee.