The QP clip: Peggy Nash vs. Ted Menzies

The exchange you can’t miss from this afternoon’s Question Period


During today’s Question Period, NDP finance critic Peggy Nash mentioned the Conservative government’s move to eliminate tariffs on some items—hockey equipment, as an example—but raise tariffs on many others. Ted Menzies, the secretary of state for finance, responded that the government has moved to lower tariffs for certain countries, measures he characterized as foreign aid.

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The QP clip: Peggy Nash vs. Ted Menzies

  1. I guess EmilyOne isn’t interested in this topic under discussion. She has not commented, as of yet. Now that is rather interesting: EmilyOne not taking another opportunity to do some Harper government bashing.

    Maybe EmilyOne likes Minister Menzies – (secretly, of course).

    • However you managed to shoot your mouth off without mentioning the topic at hand. You seem ready to swallow anything Steve shoves down your throat.

  2. It’s nice to know we have a relatively good foreign aid policy plank still applying to some countries. If not as good of a foreign trade policy as we did.

  3. Jockeying tariffs equals foreign aid? That’s cool. Now we know that llama equals apple, sun equals pterodactyl, and brick equals Newtonian Physics.