The QP Clip: Peter Julian on climate change


Peter Julian, the NDP’s energy and natural resources critic, rose early during Question Period to query the government side on its harmonization—or lack thereof—of climate change policy with U.S. President Barack Obama’s vision for the Americans. Heritage minister James Moore fired back on behalf of the Conservatives.

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The QP Clip: Peter Julian on climate change

  1. Obama can’t do anything on Glo-Bull Warming, it will never get past Congress.

    Next year the Dems will lose the Senate as well.

    His attempts to use the EPA has been met with legal challenges.

    Lame duck president, O-bummer……….heh.

      • Those data are to the end of 2012, and the data to which you link show exactly the same thing; no warming for a decade.

        • Perhaps you should try reading, rather than hoping to eyeball graphs.

          If you did, you might have a clue what the graphs mean, where currently you clearly don’t.

          • The temperature graphs mean that the globe is not warming, that global average temperatures are not increasing.

            It is not rocket science.

    • What kind of a rube would believe that eyeballing a single graph disproves an entire field of scientific study?

      • The field of study still keeps claiming that their assumptions are valid, but when the data do not conform to the theory, it’s the theory that needs rejection, not the data.

        • Perhaps you’re not equipped to interpret the data. What are your qualifications?

        • The data does conform to the theory.
          The theory takes into account El Nino and other effects as well.
          The data also demonstrates that temperatures continue to be above average.

        • The AGW alarmist assumption claims that CO2 causes catastrophic global temperature increases.

          CO2 continues to rise, unabated.

          Global temperature does not rise.

          The alarmist claim is evidently false.