The QP clip: Pierre Poilievre on national unity

The exchange you can’t miss from this afternoon’s Question Period


As soon as NDP MP Alexandre Boulerice had asked the government side about Senate accountability, Conservative attack dog Pierre Poilievre rose to respond. All the elements of a confident Conservative party are on display here: a guffawing backbencher, Poilievre making jokes at the opposition’s expense, and the foreign affairs minister miming a home-run swing when his colleague’s rhetorical flourish came to a crescendo.

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The QP clip: Pierre Poilievre on national unity

  1. That doesn’t even make any sense. If the NDP were as separatist as Poilievre alleges, then why would Patry have felt the need to defect in the first place?There’s no home-run here with logic as roundabout as this.

  2. @therealkuri:disqus , you are taking it too literally. I have voted NDP in just about every federal election since I was old enough to vote, but even I enjoyed the sheer entertainment value of that particular Polievre performance today ;)

  3. Sadly, the zombie stuff of week before last was actually them at their MOST intelligent.