The QP clip: Harper’s stumbling response to Trudeau

Nick Taylor-Vaisey on a rare slip up by Harper during QP


Liberal MP Justin Trudeau, a leading candidate to become his party’s leader, stood in the House and asked Prime Minister Stephen Harper about EI reform. The prime minister responded by stumbling over Trudeau’s title, twice referring to him—before he caught himself both times—as “Minister.” A rare slip up by Harper during QP.

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The QP clip: Harper’s stumbling response to Trudeau

  1. Rattled much, Mr Harper? LOL

  2. Wow! Trudeau actually showed up in parliament?! No speeches to charge for today, I guess!

    • March Break is coming up—not a good time for Justin to be courting the Grade six vote.

      • Grow up and try informing yourself before spouting whatever worn-out, repetitive, meaningless “opinion” you’ve heard via Timmy’s.

        • Elizabeth must be one of those with the maturity of the Grade Six Justin fan Club—-lashing out at those who would dare insult poor Justin.

    • I’ll accept that kind of comment when Conservative Ministers stop hiding under John Baird’s apron and answer questions posed directly to them. I remember Tony Clement sitting while Baird answered for him. Oda too. And these are front line ministers for crissakes.

      • As a leadership candidate, Justin has more responsibilities than representing his riding alone. It’s also his job to represent the Liberal party and Canadians across the country.

      • I’m sure PM Trudeau wouldn’t answer any questions without first receiving his $20,000 speaking fee. Luckily, we’ll never know though.

        • Trudeau has been travelling around the country talking to Canadians and taking questions. Something Harper has never done. Harper stages fake rallies where all members of the “audience” are vetted as card carrying Conservatives.

        • Do you remember the last federal election when Harper limited media questions to 5 per day? How is setting such a low bar showing leadership? You’re all over JT for not laying out a detailed platform, yet it’s OK for Harper during a campaign? Or will you tell me that’s just smart politics?

          JT’s accepting speaking fees seems dumb especially when you consider the optics. But is it any worse than appointing Parliamentary Librarian, Sonia L’Heureux to fill in on an interim basis while a new PBO is selected? Why wasn’t that in the works weeks, if not months ago, with a seamless transition to the next PBO? Will the PMO actually answer any real questions about that? Are you going to tell me it’s JT’s fault cause he doesn’t answer questions?

          I see two flawed men: One with a helluva lot to learn, and one who’s forgotten too much of what made him appealing in the first place.

    • Actually, it’s the job of Liberal leadership contenders to travel around the country drumming up support for the Liberal party. Given how Justin signed up 170,000 supporters, it looks like he did his job exceedingly well. If Justin wins the leadership race, Harper will be hearing a lot more from him in the House of Commons.

    • efff you. who is JT would be the answer to your bashing of him and believe me you will not like what you will hear for an answer.

      • The “answer” to my bashing of him is a question to which I won’t like the answer? I don’t think I can make sense of such a statement.

  3. The Cons are acting like animals…

  4. Haha!! Freudian slip there, Harper.

  5. Meh. Just further proof that the CPC still thinks of themselves primarily as the opposition.