The QP Clip: Tories want Rathgeber to resign

The exchange you can’t miss from this afternoon’s Question Period



The QP Clip: Tories want Rathgeber to resign

  1. I really think the Conservatives should be careful what they wish for. Heck, I’d vote for Rathgeber, and my philosophical alignment with his worldview pretty much begins and ends on the issue of transparency.

    • Interesting. I thought about that and I don’t think I could vote for him. His urge for transparency was a loooong time coming, and based around a personal workplace disappointment for him. I do, however, as a mean-spirited harper hater, enjoy the well-deserved pain he’s inflicting on his old boss.

      • Still, “let me be clear:” I think Rathgeber made a principled decision, and that is admirable.

        • If the CPC doesn’t find a way to leak some dirt on the guy, you’ll know that he is squeaky clean. I’m sure they are scouring their databases as we speak, looking for a youthful indiscretion or an unpaid parking ticket. Your tax dollars at work.

        • Is a rat fleeing a sinking ship principled, or is just a matter of self preservation?

      • No; his acting on it just took a while. Wherry has been reporting regularly on his increasingly vocal stand while trying to work within his party. He has been one of the true shining lights of the CPC, IMO. I don’t see eye to eye with him on many issues, but he appears to have a great deal more integrity than most in not just the CPC but in any of the three main parties. And I respect him for that.

  2. Quite remarkable that the Conservatives are calling on Rathgeber to resign – because he quit their party in disgust – but have still fallen short of calling on Mike Duffy to resign. Sure some backbenchers have grudgingly – eventually – called on Duffy to step down, but it certainly wasn’t their first instinct, was it? Contrast with Rathgeber, here you have an official CPC mouthpiece calling on Rathgeber to resign, first on twitter within minutes and then in the HOC, from the mouth of a Minister, in a matter of hours.

    It tells you an awful lot about the type of people who are running that shop and speaking for it. They are angry at Duffy for getting caught… but they are furious at Rathgeber for showing them up for the cravens that they are. They pity the worst of themselves but they absolutely loathe those who refuse to sink with them.

    • Well put! And consider how Harper backed lying, cheating Penashue, if you want another contrast. Break the law in the interests of the party and you are the best MP ever. Break party ranks, well…

  3. That`s funny, Harper sure didn`t call for Liberals to run in seats when they crossed the floor to the Conservatives…..