The QP Clip: PCO comfortable under the bus

The exchange you can’t miss from this afternoon’s Question Period.



The QP Clip: PCO comfortable under the bus

  1. Others have said it, I’ll say it too: Eventually Harper will run out of people to throw under the bus.

    • As much as I despise Chretien, and really really despise Mulroney, both were (and presumably still are) steadfastly loyal to their associates. I guess it can be argued that loyalty can breed it’s own corruption, but I’d still trust those two over Harper in a heartbeat in a myriad of contexts.

  2. With all due respect to Mr. Ling, the very idea that the highest office in our land has a policy of deleting the emails of senior officials when they leave or transfer to a new position, is outrageous. Surely, files are handed over to the replacement, rather than collapsing mid-discussion (or mid-litigation). Surely they are archived for access to information requests, if not posterity.

    • So you wish that the Liberals had left all of their e-mails behind when they were kicked out of office? So that the new government could come in, sift through years of e-mails to find documents that would be embarrassing to the Liberals?

      • Please note it is not a change of government in this case, nor is Toby talking about a change of government. This would be replacing a position that was recently free’d but still within the same government.

        You ought to be careful when trying to argue a point by introducing a false analogy.

      • I actually would expect that a civil servant understands he doesn’t own his work product, that the emails are the property of his employer and that he should remove personal notes and ephemera, but pass on and archive anything related to the conduct of his office. I can understand why a pure partisan such as yourself would first consider whether something was embarrassing to Liberals or Conservatives, but I would expect a lawyer and senior civil servant to know better.