The QP Clip: Mulcair on employment insurance



On his final supplementary of Question Period, NDP Leader Tom Mulcair insisted the Conservatives were sending bureaucrats to the homes of unemployed Canadians. Human Resources Minister Diane Finley calmly replied to the accusation.

MulcairThe minister is sending investigators into the homes of randomly selected seasonal workers in Atlantic Canada. They cannot send them to inspect senators of course because we do not know where they actually live. We know what the Prime Minister thinks about workers in Atlantic Canada. He calls them losers, and says that they have a “culture of defeat”. Does that explain the reaction and the attitude of the minister? Does she think that they are a bunch of losers as well?

FinleyMr. Speaker, that is absolutely a load of nonsense. We are supporting Canadians in their efforts to get back to work. That is why we have expanded the job alerts program and we have expanded the job banks, so Canadians get the information about the jobs that are available for them. EI is there as a temporary income support to help Canadians while they are transitioning to another job. However, if the jobs are not available, then EI will be there for Canadians as it always has been.

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The QP Clip: Mulcair on employment insurance

  1. Finley sending investigators into the homes of seasonal workers, is part of
    a cold-blooded political strategy to deflect blame away from the
    Harper Conservatives.

    Harper is launching a class-war on the unemployed and the poor because soon
    there will be more of both. His economy is tanking and his Economic
    Action Plan is exposed as a ‘No-Action’ Plan.

    The flow of Toxic-tar from Alberta is coagulating, Dutch disease is a
    pandemic, and all those tax-break eggs that Harper placed into the
    nest of his bank & oil industry friends, are failing to hatch

    Harper therefore finds it useful to deflect responsibility for his failing
    economy, onto the poor and the unemployed. If the victims of rising
    unemployment can’t find work, Harper is prepared to use the apparatus
    of the state to try and make it their failure.

    The Unemployment Cops will come knocking on doors, because Harper wants
    us to believe that All Canadians who receive Employment Insurance,
    are potentially morally defective.

    Randomly violating the sanctity of the home of ANYONE receiving EI, plays an
    important role in Harper’s a state-funded propaganda campaign, to
    smear the unemployed as lazy crooks who are responsible for their own

    As Avishai Margalit wrote in the ‘Decent Society’:

    “When the accusation of failure is baseless, it is especially cruel and
    wicked since it is also humiliating.”

    Harpers class war: “cruel and wicked”, indeed

  2. It would be nice if either of these bozos would back up their claims with hard facts.

  3. Whatever one may think about Harper, the notion that seasonally employed workers should year in and year out consistently take far more out of EI than they put in is bizarre and unfair to those of us who finance it via our EI premiums. I’d argue that it’s worth looking at having EI premiums increase for those individuals or industries who *consistently* take more out of EI than they put in.

  4. My income is down 75% from 3.5 yrs ago. Who is a welfare bum-Afghanistan. Your administration has spent over $250 billion over the past 25 yrs, just signed off on another $500 billion to train their illiterate police and army. Karzai is a crook, but he’s our crook. This money won’t circulate back into Canada. Those subs-more dangerous to their crews than enemy ships-how many miles of subway line could that buy? GM-they killed our streetcars and are being subsidized to acidify all water on earth. The F-35s-I know the Tories were booze cruised and schmoozed into buying them, but for one fat flying bus, you could buy a fleet of drones. I know-you never met a war or a weapons system you didn’t like. Either we deserve to live in some level of comfort and dignity or I hope the US annexes us so we can all have 2nd amendment rights. Every year 20,000 Americans get to instantly deliver themselves from poverty. The only way out of poverty is death.
    Communist John Defalque
    Deduct no EI contributions form our paycheques, but don’t steal from the down and out!!~! We the voters will put you out of a job!!!!! I have voted Communist twice, but usually have to hold my nose and vote NDP.