The QP Clip: Wayne Easter on EI reform

The exchange you can’t miss from this afternoon’s Question Period



Liberal MP Wayne Easter, who represents Malpeque on Prince Edward Island, had already asked Human Resources Minister Diane Finley about detrimental changes to the federal employment insurance program. Unsatisfied with Finley’s response, Easter rose for a blistering supplementary.

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The QP Clip: Wayne Easter on EI reform

  1. It was the Liberals under Chretien with Martin as finance minister who took $54 billion dollars of surplus from the EI fund to help to falsely balance their fudge it budgets.

    • And the SCoC said they could…your point?

      • I’ve noticed that conservatives have great long term memory about others but are sadly lacking in short term memory. They also exhibit total amnensia about their own past.

        What is the current deficit again? Only Kevin Page seems to know. The Auditor General might verify that next year, assuming there still is an AG or any trace of accountibility remaining in the Harper Government™.