The QP Clip: When the government became the opposition

The exchanges you can’t miss from this afternoon’s Question Period.



The QP Clip: When the government became the opposition

  1. Became? The hell?
    Did I miss a time when they weren’t?

    • Exactly. And that’s at the root of this entire reign of error – the elected members of the Conservative Party of Canada haven’t accepted their responsibility to actually govern. The main players have been schooled in campaigning and how to look managerial, but either don’t know how, or don’t have an inclination to bring forward a coherent agenda of legislation, policy and spending, make the inevitable compromises, and then act on it. They’re like a dog that chased a car and actually caught it. Now all they can do is sit there growling and guarding their prize.

      • While Justin campaigned and did some fundraising in schools! And collecting his MP salary, of course!

        • Try this self-assessment to see if you are a Justin Trudeau stalker:

          1. Do you follow his every word and movement on the Internet?
          2. When you see him on TV, is he speaking directly to you?
          3. Do you believe he reads your comments on the Internet and secretly responds using a pseudonym?
          4. Do you know his home address?
          5. Have you ever gone there and tried on his undergarments?

  2. This just in:

    When Justin Trudeau becomes Prime Minister of Canada, he will encourage all MP’s to start charging hefty fees when delivering speeches. That way the MP’s being on salary, can earn some extra cash.

    Justin Trudeau has said that it worked well for him when an MP salary was not nearly enough for him. As Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau will tell all MP’s in the House to start charging when delivering speeches to schools, universities, foundations, libraries and what have you. An MP salary is not nearly enough. It never was enough for Justin Trudeau and so he understands that supplemental income is needed for MP’s.

    Looking forward to Jusitn Trudeau becoming the next Prime Minister of Canada! Can’t wait!

    • You do know there’s medication for disorders characterized by obsessive thinking.

      • Hey, I am supporting Justin here!

        Look, if Justin thinks that other MP’s, all MP’s, should follow his lead, then why call me obsessive?

        • Why call you obsessive?

          How about your apparent inability to give it a rest, day in, day out. And all your perseverating on this tiresome theme appears to be getting no traction anywhere but inside the echo chamber of your own cranium. Even your Con government, who are supreme masters at slinging mud, aren’t trying to make balls out of this “mud” anymore.

          • Being obsessed? Talk about being obsessed when watching Evan on P&P when he doesn’t catch on when Goodale says: “It is unacceptable when politicians on salary start grabbing for extra cash.”

            Evan Solomon is so obsessed with the CPC that he forgets to ask Goodale if it’s ok for Justin to make all that extra cash when being an MP on salary.

            Of course Goodale doesn’t have to answer a question regarding Justin because men like Evan Solomon are as obsessed as other media hosts are about the CPC that questions about Justin simply aren’t asked.

            Evan Solomon just conveniently forgets that what Goodale has just stated applied to Justin completely, but no one asks……………………………………………………….

          • Evan didn’t ask because you seem to be the only person left in the nation who continues to think there’s an issue there. The program is called “Power & Politics”, not “Francien Wants To Know…”

          • Goodale said what he said. You don’t have to believe me. Just watch the show and listen to what Goodale has to say about politicians making money on the side! Its an eye opener, yet Evan shuts his eyes and pretends there is nothing connected to Justin’s activities, but there is.

          • MPs are allowed to continue to operate businesses or engage in professional activities outside their parliamentary duties as long as they do so transparently. Trudeau had a business in public speaking prior to his election and cleared his continuing speaking activities with the Office of the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner (the very same Officer of Parliament the Harperites seem relieved to entrust with the Duffy mess).

            If you don’t think Trudeau had the right to continue his extra-parliamentary professional activities, perhaps you should also be concerned about Kellie Leitch continuing her moonlighting. There’s fundamentally no difference.

      • Stephen Harper was just visiting, nothing wrong with that.

        • Do you think it’s easy to make priorities?

          • Maybe he didn’t buy cancellation insurance and didn’t want to waste any more of the tax payers money.

      • Right. Keep covering for Justin’s double dipping. Follow the leader. Follow Justin, the good man, the man who charges hefty fees for giving speeches while being paid an MP salary already.

        Goodale does not approve, but who cares. No one asks. NO one needs to know, right?

        • Ummmm, I’m not covering for Justin. You made a statement and I merely showed you that you made an incorrect conclusion.

          Go back to praising Harper because it seems he can do no harm in our eyes. Well, to do harm, he’d actually have to do something.

        • But isn’t Harper the leader and aren’t you following him? Or is there some other hidden contrail in your helical logic theory?

          • I’m following the scandals, just like you. But I call a scandal when I see one, not just because it’s an CPC scandal.

            When Justin double dips, it’s no problem.

            When CPC politicians double dip, it is a HUGE scandal.

            I don’t go for that.

            The media should mention Justin’s double dipping while they’re at it, and they should discuss other senators, Liberals, who have done wrong also. I don’t see that happening.

          • I tell you what. When Duffy clears the Ethics Commissioner, the RCMP, or any other bus the CPC throws him under, then we’ll all move on.
            In the meantime, why aren’t the government benches pushing this talking point? Hmmmm?

          • Because if the government benches would even dare say this about Justin, the media would defend Justin’s double dipping.

            The media will go to the wall for defending Justin on his double dipping practices. Suddenly, it is NOT double dipping when Justin charges for speeches while being paid an MP salary.

            The media is not interested in solving corruption. The media is interested in solving CPC corruption only!

            You really think that if Liberal senators would be investigated as thouroughly as Duffy and Wallin that nothing similar would be found?

            You really think the average Canadian doesn’t understand this?

            Wipe out ALLcorruption is MY motto!

          • Except Justin hasn’t double dipped.
            He wasn’t told by the gov’t to deliver a speech to a school. He didn’t bill the gov’t for doing it. The only people who paid him for it was the school.

            The difference with Duffy is that he billed the CPC for his travel and expenses while campaigning with them *and* the government for his travel and expenses while campaigning with them.

            Had Duffy campaigned with the CPC but not charged the senate the per diems, — that is the payments that specifically are there for when he’s specifically doing senate business — there would have been no problem with it.

          • And when the Conservative Party pays Duffy, is that CPC money public money? No, of course it isn’t.

            Ah, I can hear the answer coming: Yes, yes, Conservative party money IS public money because of the tax deduction and so forth.

            But since when are schools and universities and libraries NOT being funded by tax payers????

            Justin HAS fundraised for himself while giving speeches for cash, while being paid an MP salary when the House was in session!

          • The issue isn’t the CPC paying Duffy. Nor is it Duffy receiving his Senate salary while doing work for the CPC.
            The issue is Duffy charging his expenses to taxpayers for work he’s doing for the CPC.

            This isn’t difficult.

          • Really! I think you are wrong in your assessement of what these Duffy scandals are about.

            But keep spinning.

            And let’s find out what Justin has been putting on his public expense account!!!

          • Wait, I thought your problem was double-dipping. Jesus, you can’t even keep your own story straight.

          • Here come Thwim, starting off when lenny runs out of steam.

            What, you still in denial about Justin’s double dipping practice?

          • What have you done about the “double-dipping” of your Conservative MP, Kevin Sorenson?

            Oops, you’ve been voting for him.

          • Taking on extra work while getting paid a salary is not double dipping. It’s moonlighting.

          • Ah, it is all about semantics now. I had no idea!

            Thank you for setting that record straight!

          • Okay, so now you need to learn both what “salary” and “semantics” means.

            Perhaps you should just get a dictionary and start in the “s” section.

          • When Justin Trudeau charges for speeches which deal with the environment, youth and education (his explanation, not mine!) then those speeches are exactly the same as what a regular MP would do for free!

            When Justin skips the House (getting a salary for doing so!) to then deliver speeches for a fee (speeches which are normally given free by MP’s) then Justin IS INDEED DOUBLE DIPPING!

          • It took a while, but Francien finally figured out how to move the goal posts so that it’s OK when her Conservative MP “double-dips” but bad when Justin Trudeau does it. Apparently if you earn a living speaking you can’t do so as an MP, but if you farm and run an auction business, no problem.

          • No, I made some phone calls. Just to make sure my assessment of Sorenson is correct. And it is.

          • Oh go buy a dictionary.

          • I own and consult several.

          • Francien is outraged by double-dipping…err…except when it’s her Conservative MP then he has her vote.

          • No, actually, you are making up stories to try and make a point.

            I am telling the truth about Justin and it bothers you, hence the need for you to make up false stories.

            Why do you have a problem with hearing the truth when it concerns Justin?

          • Tell me what I’ve “made up”. Your Conservative MP, Kevin Sorenson derives income from work he does on the side (which you previously described unconditionally as “double-dipping”) and you voted for him. Unlike Trudeau, he hasn’t disclosed how much income he derives from his side businesses, nor the time he spends working at them.

  3. The only way Question Period today would have been as captivating as the last two days is if they had simply replaced MP James Moore with one of the pandas.

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